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Vector of Underground

Vector of Underground

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詳細 2017年1月5日 01:19更新

Vector of Underground (Experimental deathcore) was formed in 2009 by Vlad Lobanov (vocals) and Mikhail Dmitriev (guitar). Guys chose style «experimental deathcore» for creation of new music witch appears on hard guitar riffs and original construction of songs. After the first demo 2009 «Informational terror» guys were found a drummer Danila Yakovlev and a second guitar player Daniil Novikov. For some reason in this period bass players changed so many times.
In 2010 to support upcoming album was released a video clip «F@#k with the freedom».
This video had many views and positive feedback before the same name album comes.
In 2011 was released album «F@#k with the freedom» on Russian language witch consists 12 songs. This album recognized as the most expressive album of the year. Parts of guitars were good a lot! Therefore download of tablatures was higher when downloads of album! Also after the release band was compared with System of a down because of similar clean vocals and freaky jokes.
After some amount of concerts band started wrote a new songs for next album. In this time Daniil Novikov left the band. At this time Daniil is a sound engineer of Vector of Underground. In the same time came in a band as a bass guitar player Alik Keh.
In October 2013 was the presentation of video clips «Prison of consciousness» and in 4 February 2013 a lyric video «I will wake Orion» (Later this video clips were placed on youtube channel BlankTV USA) These videos were a promo of upcoming album «Original»
In 2014 was released an album «Дерзкий и резкий» on Russian language. Album was recognized by fans as the most interesting album of the year in Russia.
Currently Vector of Underground is looking for proposal from label to release album «Original» on English language. If you have some information to help in this case please will write on i-mail box: vmenvlad@gmail.com or KOU19860101@gmail.com



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