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Risto Ruokola

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詳細 2011年2月24日 10:43更新

Name: Risto Ruokola

Birthday: 04.04.1987

City, County: Espoo, Finland

Home mountain: SERENA!!!

Weight: 66 kg

Height: 176cm ??? i dunno

Board: Stepchild Trick Stick 148

Binding: some old ones...

Boots: some old ones...

Rides(goofy/regular): regular

Sponsors: Stepchild, Nomis, Spy

Years snowboarding: 10 or something... i dunno

Wanna know who's the hottest rail dawger from Scandinavia? A new upcoming all around jib-kid, who's always keen on shredding? I had a chat with Risto Ruokola, 20-year-old Finn, who’s shredding under Stepchild wings and filming with the dopest crew in Finland.

Risto Ruokola Interview

Method says: Yoyoyo, What up?
Ribish says says: Yo, all good, nothing special, and you?
Method says: Wanna do a short interview?
Ribish says: For sure!!
Method says: Ok, tell me your name and where do you come from? Ribish says: I'm Risto Ruokola and I come from Espoo, Finland
Method says: How's the winter been so far in Finland? Have you been shooting a lot of rails?
Ribish says: The winter’s been good, not too much snow though but we've been able to shoot a lot of rails
Method says: Who are you filming with?
Ribish says: I'm filming with Fredu Sirvio, Torsti and Ilari Suhonen. That’s our crew, the best ever!
Ribish says: oh yeah and our second filmer Poppe
Method says: Is there still left any rails that haven’t been shot already? Or do you have to travel far to find the good ones?
Ribish says: There’s a bunch of rails that hasn't been filmed yet, but it's sometimes good to take off to another city, because you might always find something better. But don't think i'm giving out those rails!! hehe
Method says: Haha. Why Finland is so popular country for rail riding?
Ribish says: i think the main reason is that it's hard get footed and there's always a Finn in every filming crew.. heh
Method says: hahaa..Have you ever had any problems with the local authority? Any funny stories from a rail sessions?
Ribish says: I've never had any problems really, well I've been kicked out several times, but nothing else. I heard one pretty funny story about this old lady who called the cops and when they came to the spot, that lady was yelling from her balcony, and those cops just yelled back "shut up already!!" I wasn't there myself though..
Method says: Hahaaaa, nice one...What’s the biggest event you have been to? Any podium places?
Ribish says: hahah! Probably Frontline Rail Jam, which is sick though! I’ve never really placed well in a contest... hhehe
Method says: How did you get into filming with Stepchild movie?
Ribish says: Well first I was just kinda filming for Hopeless Perfection's Rail part or something, but then they decided to do a Chi-movie and I started to ride for their boards because of that, and now i'm some kind of amateur I think. heh
Method says: Since you are more a rail dawger and you normally ride with relatively short boards, what size board you’d take to backcountry?
Ribish says: haha.. well I've actually been to backcountry and I had a 157 board... with the widest possible twin stance of course!! hahah and it was like chest deep pow!
Method says: Where was that?
Ribish says: Salt Lake, somewhere around Chad’s gap i think....
Method says: I heard you are heading to US again soon, tell me your plans?
Ribish says: I think we're leaving at the beginning of April to Vancouver with Fredu and Ilari and drive up to Cali from there. We're gonna do some park shoots in closed resorts, they're making us stuff we wanna hit, it's gonna be siiick!!!
Method says: Do you have a lot the footage already for the movie?
Ribish says: I do have pretty much all my rail shots done already, I just wanna get more kicker shots... we're taking a one last rail trip though...
Method says: What is the new "year 2007" rail trick you’ve nailed? bs540 to 270 out? hahaaa..What is the most stylish "slide/trick" you can do?
Ribish says: awww shit.... leach slides!!? hahahha
Method says: whats that? Explain a bit?(Am i getting old?)
Ribish says: dude! Back smiths, Feebles and stuff! hahah...
Method says:ah, ok, you young guns are inventing so many new trick i cant follow up anymore, haha. Who do you look up for? Your idols?
Ribish says: i look up to Fredu a lot and Boznuts!
Method says: I guess Fredu would have said Guns& Roses, hahaa
Ribish says: hahah yeah probably
Method says: You recently had an double interview in Slammer (Finnish Snowboard Mag) with Torsti, why people call you double trouble?
Ribish says: hahah! i have no idea!! We're not any trouble man!
Method says: I guess it was peter who got that idea, hahaa
Ribish says: yeah I think so too... bitter peter
Method says: hey, i think that was it...
Ribish says: hehehe
Method says: thanks for chatting..
Ribish says: no problem!
Method says: and have fun in US, show some Finnish style to the wacky US guys..
Ribish says: ahhah thanks dawg! I'll try!


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