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詳細 2008年5月31日 08:12更新

The western region of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, is now known as Al Gharbia, in both English and Arabic.

ALGHARBIA.TV is the online TV station, ALGHARBIA.FM the online radio station, and ALGHARBIA.MOBI the mobile domain for Al Gharbia.

Here you'll soon find a rich, growing library of Al Gharbia video, both YouTube style and professionally produced, of the coolest events happening in Al Gharbia. You'll also have a choice selection of cool grooves to play as your soundtrack, and a VJ selected playlist of music videos from both Al Gharbia and all over the world.



The Western Region Development Council (WRDC) ― the central coordinating body leading development and promotion opportunity in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates ― has announced Al Gharbia as the new name for the region as part of its plans to encourage social and economic growth within the region as an integrated part of the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The new identity for the region was developed following extensive market research across the UAE, GCC and internationally, that involved not only the local residents but also prospective tourists and investors.

The council is also reiterating its four key goals for the region, which are economic and social development of the region's residents, enhancement of infrastructure, promotion of investment and improvement of enterprises; which they intend to achieve through aggressive marketing and promotion of the region.

WRDC worked hand in hand with the Office of the Brand of Abu Dhabi to develop Al Gharbia as a sub brand of Abu Dhabi, unveiled last November ― together making the overall brand of the emirate stronger.

This re-branding exercise puts Al Gharbia on the world map with its own unique identity, while remaining a fundamental part of Abu Dhabi emirate. Al Gharbia continues to retain its traditional heritage values, culture, and Bedouin origin while aggressively marketing itself as a region with untapped potential for tourism and investment opportunities.

The name 'Al Gharbia', which preserves the true spirit and cultural values of the region, cleverly brings a sense of nostalgia, belonging to the local residents who hold the name dearly.

Mohamed bin Azzan Al Mazrouei, WRDC Director General, said: "Al Gharbia is a unique part of the UAE - where the desert meets the sea and renowned for its authentic heritage – the Bedouin generosity and hospitality. The name Al Gharbia not only aligns itself with the core values of the region, but the brand also gives more credibility for future development, making it attractive for businesses, investment and tourism opportunities.

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