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Dj Krush (The Krush Posse)

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ここはThe Krush Posseのコミュニティーです。

若い頃は暴力団員(金融関係)であったが、映画「ワイルドスタイル」に偶然出会いヒップホップに命をかけることになる。当時のヒップホップ創世記には、ディスコミキサーというべき機材はなく、現在の物とはかけ離れた位の大きさのミキサーに自作で取り付けたスイッチやLRのフェーダーを割り箸で繋げてDJをしていた。 1980年代後期からは原宿のホコ天にてCRAZY-A、B-FRESH、DJ KRUSHの実弟DJ BANG等とストリートで活動してきた。そこでMUROやDJ GOと知り合い、やがてKRUSH POSSEを結成し数多くのコンテストやライブに参加することになる。日本で初めてターンテーブルを楽器として操るDJとして注目を浴びる。

For English Speakers: This is the community for The Krush Posse. These guys are pretty hard to find info on, and I can only find 2 Videos of them, so if you can find more videos or information please feel free to post em'! ありがとう  -Peace

Hideaki Ishi (石 英明, Ishi Hideaki?), commonly known as DJ Krush, was born in 1962 in Tokyo. After watching the film "Wild Style" in the early 80s, he was inspired, bought some turntables, and started to learn the art of turntablism. In 1987, along with DJs like DJ Muro, he formed the Krush Posse, which made numerous appearances as a group in late 1992 and gained him recognition by becoming the first DJ in Japan to perform with live musicians. He released his first album "Krush", which stated his presence in the scene, and he has since released eight more. He has had recording contracts with Chance Records, Ninety Nine Records, Mo' Wax (he was the first Japanese artist to join), Apollo and Sony/Columbia. He works internationally as a producer, re-mixer, DJ and recording artist, bringing the unique flavour of Japanese hip hop to the world。
Ishi was born in 1962 in Tokyo. Ishi dropped out of school at an early age and joined a local gang, and a few years later, the Yakuza. Early into his career as a Yakuza underling, Ishi discovered a severed finger wrapped in paper on his desk. Later, after discovering that it had belonged to his best friend, he decided to leave the Yakuza and cut ties with the criminal underworld.[1]

One day in the early 1980s, Ishi went to the movies with his girlfriend and saw the film "Wild Style", the first hip-hop motion picture directed by Charlie Ahearn. It was here that he got the inspiration to become a hip-hop musician. Despite others doubts, he made a firm decision to become a DJ. The day after seeing this movie, he headed to instrument shops looking for equipment. At this time the term "mixer" was unknown to most of Tokyo's electronic store salesmen. After having a hard time buying the things he needed, Ishi started his career as one of the first hip hop pioneers in Japan.


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