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When you need edgy, underground electronic music Habersham is the one to bring it to you. And he’s brought it to every continent, building one of the strongest reputations as the come-to man for cutting edge, futuristic noise in all its forms for over ten years.

Dubbed a leader of the former progressive movement, Habersham saw early success and worldwide acclaim particularly for a handful of seminal releases: Cloudbrake, the tweaked-out Furball, both written with Phil K, Transparent Sound with the invasive Follow The White Rabbit, tech anthem Dryspell, Squarepusher-esque My Effingham Sound and his infamous emotion-heavy remix of The Unthinkable. Always drawing on stylistic influences such as Jazz, House, classic RnB and Soul, Drum and Bass, IDM, Electro and experimental Techno, his audience was presented with genre-bending cuts and quality second to none. But when he saw the progressive genre becoming diluted with formulaic, predictable artists and stigmas, Habersham was among the first of his peers to break away and experiment with unconventional, creative song writing. Habersham pioneered his sound utilizing off the cuff, dirty grooves with intense and surprising moments that aurally shine, like the sparkles on a tall glass of introspect.

Most recently Habersham’s discography shows a mature, polished subtlety and technical evolution. Outside The Box presented even more shades of glitchy warmth and organics, Song of The Lizard, a Miles Davis-like soundtrack for ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,’ his remix of Revitalized reminiscent of Thom Yorke, the twisted indefinable vibes of the Lorenzo rerub and as The Ones With Many Faces (TOWMF), a collaborative project between Habersham and Rift with full visual artillery provided by Cary Longchamps. Stay tuned for a monumental, timeless album currently in the works.

Continuing to shake the foundation of his musical niche, he pushes forward through his Lobotomy imprint, an outlet dedicated to music and artists as uncompromising as himself. Consistently bringing the world’s greatest talent to the digital stage, Lobotomy’s artist roster reads like an excerpt from President Bush’s Beat Terrorism Watch List: Phil K, Vance Musgrove, Fine Cut Bodies, Rob Dowell, Andy Page, Datguy, Stryke, Pig and Dan, Somfay, Kriece, Dustin Zahn, Eidolon, ilmli, Jason Short, Coalition of the Killing, Rift, Bil ‘SOTEG’ Bless and Jamie ‘Kilowatts’ Watts as Skeetaz, TOWMF and many more. With huge respect from the heavyweights of all genres, the label continues to grow as a favorite of the world’s best DJs and counts James Zabiela, Lee Burridge, Danny Tenaglia, Sasha, Nic Fanciulli, Oliver Lieb, Danny Howells, Adam Beyer, Joel Mull, Agaric, Paco Osuna amongst Lobotomy’s regular players. It’s easy to see why Habersham is currently putting his focus into the label, releasing the majority of his present and future discography on Lobotomy, a home with no limits, no expectations – except the unexpected.


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