The Dirty Projectors

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The Dirty Projectors (以下、Allmusic.com より抜粋)

Biography by Heather Phares

The Dirty Projectors are the project of Dave Longstreth, a former Yale student who left college to become one of the most prolific and unique indie singer/songwriters of the early 2000s.

In early 2002 Longstreth released his first album, The Graceful Fallen Mango, under his own name on the This Heart Plays Records imprint.

Largely recorded on four-track with the help of friends in likeminded projects such as Wolf Colonel and Dear Nora, the album introduced Longstreth's distinctive, crooning voice and equally unique approach to arrangements and both lo-fi and hi-fi production.

As he continued to record, Longstreth played shows with other contemporaries like the Microphones, Bobby Birdman, and [[[[VVRSSNN]]]] (aka Yume Bitsu's Adam Forkner).

Forkner helped record his next album, The Glad Fact, which was the first to bear the Dirty Projectors name and arrived on Western Vinyl in fall 2003.

This was followed quickly by Morning Better Last!, an album culled from three triple albums he recorded in 2001 and 2002; it was an Internet-only release on States Rights.

Slaves' Graves and Ballads, which Longstreth described as "a song-journey for me singing with a ten-piece chamber group called the Orchestral Society for the Preservation of the Orchestra," arrived in early 2004 as a split release on Western Vinyl and Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records.

Later that year, the orchestrally enhanced Slaves' Graves & Ballads arrived.

というわけで、このバイオグラフィーは2004年までなんですけど、個人的に聴いた最新アルバムの Bitte Orca がすごいよかったんで、コミュ探したんですけどないようなんで作りました。

そして、こっちは Wikipedia のバイオグラフィーです。

こて見て気づきましたが、彼らも「Dark Was the Night」に参加してたんですねー。

これ、Blonde Redhead も参加してるし、かなりいいんですけど、もっかい聴いてみてください!みなさま!デビッドバーン(トーキングヘッズ)とコラボってます。


Longstreth's first album, The Graceful Fallen Mango, was released under his own name and introduced his distinctive arrangements of both lo-fi and hi-fi production.

The next year Longstreth fully minted the "Dirty Projectors" moniker with the release of The Glad Fact on the Western Vinyl label.

In 2005, the band released The Getty Address, a concept album about musician Don Henley that features extensive orchestral and choral accompaniment.

The diverse, more stripped-down New Attitude EP followed in 2006 and featured inklings of the band's later vocal interplay and use of intricate guitar work reminiscent of Ali Farka Touré's.

In 2007 the band released Rise Above, an album of Black Flag songs as reimagined from memory.

The album introduced the band's distinctive contrast between Longstreth's soaring vocals and the tight harmonies of Amber Coffman and Susanna Waiche (later replaced by Angel Deradoorian).

In 2007 the band also performed songs from that album for a Take-Away Show acoustic video session shot by Vincent Moon.

In April 2008, Dirty Projectors signed with Domino Records, and the label announced the release of Bitte Orca for June 9, 2009.

That year also found the band collaborating with David Byrne on the song "Knotty Pine" for the compilation album, Dark Was the Night.

Byrne joined the Dirty Projectors onstage to perform this song, along with "Ambulance Man," another collaborative track not included on the compilation, at the "Dark Was the Night Live" concert at New York City's Radio City Music Hall on May 3, 2009.

On May 8, 2009, members of Dirty Projectors collaborated with Björk to perform an original composition by Longstreth, written for five voices and acoustic guitar, as part of a charity concert to benefit Housing Works, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing shelter for homeless men, women, and children suffering from AIDS.

The concert was held at the Housing Works Bookstore & Café in downtown New York City.

Rise Above っていう2007年リリースのアルバムもかなりよかった。

というわけで、同じく Wikipedia からのディスコグラフィー。

2002 The Graceful Fallen Mango     This Heart Plays / Western Vinyl
2003 The Glad Fact             Western Vinyl
2003 Morning Better Last!         States Rights Records
2004 Slaves' Graves and Ballads     Western Vinyl / Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records
2005 The Getty Address         Western Vinyl
2006 Highlights From The Getty Address Bad Vugum / BV2 Produktions (Finland)
2006 New Attitude EP             Marriage Records
2007 Rise Above                 Dead Oceans
2009 Bitte Orca                 Domino Records


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