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【Streamlined Recordings】

2011 = 99バッド(下向き矢印)泣き顔
2010 = 68バッド(下向き矢印)
2009 = 63グッド(上向き矢印)
2008 = 97ぴかぴか(新しい)

オランダ人DJ、Leon Bolierのコミュニティです。

When Leon heard Energy 52's Cafe Del Mar he fell in love with melodic trance, and quit producing hardcore house.

In 2002 and 2003 Leon got his first record deals, together with his brother Bart. They released some tracks on Bonzai/Banshee and FTM sublabels. Back then the first contacts with Armada frontman Maykel Piron were established via Armin van Buuren, and this resulted in Leon remixing the first ever Armada release.

Nowadays Leon releases stuff on labels like Armada Music, Blackhole Recordings, Spinnin Records and Sweden-based Captured Music (Bart quit musicproducing due to the fact that he started his own company that provides in garden-architecture). He uses different guises for different styles, this resulting in progressive, trance, techy and even electro influenced releases on those various labels. His releases have been caned by the worlds big djs, like: Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Sasha, John Digweed, Paul Oakenfold, Marco V and many many more. Besides. his tracks have been compiled on CDs by e.g. Tiesto (In Search of Sunrise) and Armin van Buuren (A State of Trance), and on other big compilations.

Due to these successes he's been a popular remixer now, and becomes a more and more well known DJ, getting more and more gigs, in the Netherlands and abroad.

Leon Bolier pres. LWB - Deep Red (incl. JPL remix) [Captured]
Steur & Bolier - The Night Is Young [Blackhole]
Bolier & Van Riel - This Mix (one)/That Mix (two) [Liquid/Spinnin']
Bolier & Van Riel - Malibeer/With the Flame in the Pipe [Liquid/Spinnin']
Leon Bolier - Ocean Drive Boulevard (incl. Joop & Cliff Coenraad&Thomas Hagenbeek Remixes) [2Play/Spinnin']
Leon Bolier - Summernight Confessions (incl. Sied van Riel Remix) [Liquid/Spinnin']
Leon Bolier vs. Astrid - Crazy People [Spinnin']
Bolier & Coenraad - The Mighty Ducks [Intuition]
Joop - The Future [Be Yourself Music]
Leon Bolier & Elsa Hill - No Need to come Back [Armada]
Menno de Jong & Leon Bolier present Solar Express - Magma/Momentum [Galactive]
Leon Bolier presents Surpresa - Back in the Days/Flower Fountain [ASOT/Armada]
Leon Bolier presents Surpresa - Poseidon/Bonaire [ASOT/Armada]
Leon Bolier presents Inner Stories - Beyond [Blackhole]
Leon Bolier - My Precious (incl. Mesh, Ozgur Can and Precursor Remixes) [Captured]
Leon Bolier presents Precursor - Systomatic/Signwave [2Play/Spinnin']
Leon Bolier presents Precursor - The Journey / The Navigator [2Play/Spinnin']
Leon Bolier presents Precursor - Lyra (incl. Joop mix) [2Play/Spinnin']
Leon Bolier presents Precursor - Canis Major (incl. Joop mix) [2Play/Spinnin']
Precursor vs. Frisky Warlock - Quotations/Android [2Play/Spinnin']
Precursor - Solar 1 [RR/Spinnin']
Precursor - Pulsar [RR/Spinnin']
B&W - Mistaken (incl. Fictivision and Mindsensation mixes) [ASOT/Armada]
LB - Sunflower [Raucocue]
Subsphere - Infinite/Sweet Fragrance [Green Martian/Bonzai]
Subsphere - Beautitude [Green Martian/Bonzai]
Subsphere - Love u So (incl. Azior Remix) [Green Martian/Bonzai]
Subsphere - First Light [Coldharbour]
Subsphere - Playa/Basement [Cloud9]
Leon - Passionate (incl. Fire&Ice and Subsphere Remixes) [Green Martian/Bonzai]
The Boiler Room - Till Then (incl. Antidote Remix) [TBA/Bonzai]
Mindsensation - Violet/Daydreamer [Altitude Yellow/FTM]
Mindsensation - I Feel/Spheric (incl. Subsphere Remix) [Altitude Yellow/FTM]

Splitscreen - Boomblasta (Leon Bolier vs. Joop Remix) [United]
Dave 202 - Torrent (Leon Bolier Remix)[Captivating]
Stephen J. Kroos - Formalistick (Leon Bolier Remix)[Anjunabeats]
Joop - The Future (Leon Bolier Remix) [Be Yourself Music]
Carlos - The Silmarillia (Leon Bolier Remix) [Spinnin']
Icone - Touch of Summer (Leon Bolier Remix) [Ariel Waves]
Xtranova - The Way We Were (Leon Bolier Remix) [Drizzly/Illuminate Digital]
Assure - Enemy Territory (Leon Bolier pres. Precursor Remix) [Captivating]
Gott&Gordon - Midnight (Leon Bolier pres. Precursor Remix) [Fundamental]
Nicholas Bennison - Exocet (Leon Bolier pres. Precursor Remix) [Propulsion]
Ozgur Can & Schossow - Blarblarmomstret (LB Remix) [Raucocue]
Niklas Harding vs Redshift - Pagoda (Leon Bolier vs. Precursor Remix) [Technoclub]
Mike Shiver - Feelings (Leon Bolier Remix) [Lost Language]
JPL - Ilmola (Leon Bolier Remix) [E-TCR]
Libra - Calling your Name (Subsphere Remix) [Captivating]
Questia - Nexus Asia (Subsphere Remix) [A State of Trance/Armada]
Questia - Crystal Clouds (Subsphere Remix) [A State of Trance/Armada]
Azior - Sunset at Myvatn (Subsphere Remix) [Green Martian/Bonzai]
Azior - Deep and Inside (Subsphere Remix) [Green Martian/Bonzai]
Jan Vayne - 2nd Season (Mindsensation Remix) [Classical Trancelations
Sampler 004 + Classical Trancelations CD/Armada]
Jan Vayne - Mea Culpa (Subsphere Remix) [Classical Trancelations CD/Armada]
Jan Vayne - 10PM (Subsphere Remix) [Classical Trancelations CD/Armada]
Jan Vayne - Divided (The Boiler Room Remix) [Classical Trancelations CD/Armada]

◆cd appearances◆
Amongst many others:
Trance Mission mixed by Leon Bolier & Mike Shiver
High Contrast presents: Joop
High Contrast presents: Rank1
Trance Energy 2008
Gatecrasher mixed by Ferry Corsten
Trance the Ultimate Collection vol 2 2007
Trance the Ultimate Collection vol 1 2007
Armin Only 2006 - DVD
Trance Energy 2007
High Contrast pres. Marcel Woods
A State of Trance Yearmix 2006, mixed by Armin van Buuren
Trancemission 1
Trancecharts 2006
Illusion at the Beach
Trance the Ultimate Collection vol 2 2006
FFWD - The Official Album
Kontor - Maximum Trance
The Best of Trance - July 2006
Technoclub Volume 20, mixed by Talla 2XLC & Marc van Linden
Rendezvous Volume 1, mixed by Mark Eteson
Dutch Trance Volume 1
True To Trance Volume 2, mixed by Plastic Angel & Niklas Harding
Trance the Ultimate Collection vol 1 2006
A State of Trance 2006, mixed by Armin van Buuren
In Trance We Trust 11, mixed by Phynn
A State of Trance Yearmix 2005, mixed by Armin van Buuren
Trance Empire Volume 20 (Summer Trance 2005)
A State of Trance - The Collected 12'' Mixes
A Clubbers Guide To Russia
In Search of Sunrise 4, mixed by DJ Tiesto
Trance the Ultimate Collection vol 2 2003
Trance the Ultimate Collection vol 1 2004
Trance the Ultimate Collection vol 3 2004
The Best of Trance 2003
The Best of Trance 2004
Club System 31
Clubcharts CD 001
Jan Vayne&Armin van Buuren: Classical Trancelations
Trancemaster 4005
Trancemaster 4009
A Trip in Trance 4 mixed by Rank 1
Pure Power 2 mixed by Koris



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