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Pierre Medor

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About =>MEDOR<=
In the buisness of entertainment, you have to make a name for yourself because no one is going to make things happen for you. So begins the story of extraordinary crossover music producer, songwriter, and singer Pierre Medor. While he's made a name for himself working with some of the biggest names in the industry ranging from from legendary diva Patti Labelle, to R&B crooners Jagged Edge, Omarion, Donnell Jones, and Marques Houston, to Ciara and B5, his undeniable skills have kept him in the game. Pierre first came to attention in 2000 under the working name ThaCornaBoyz, a partnersip he formed with fellow producer Dewayne Nesmith while attending the University of Hartford, in Hartford, Conneticut. Invited to be in the house band of a talent show that Jagged Edge was sponsoring in Hartford, Pierre was tapped by group members Brian and Brandon Casey after recognizing the music major's talent for creating tracks for participants in the competition. "The twins basically asked me and a couple of my other partners that I was working with at the time to move down to Atlanta to help them start their production company. So they actually brought us to Atlanta." The Atlanta transplant is currently putting together his own discography and continuously churning out hot new tracks that span multiple genres including Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock & Roll, and Pop. While Pierre is quick to point out that he is a musician first, the multi-talented creator is steadily exercising his flair for writing, citing the outstanding careers of Babyface ("He is consistent with his quality, has a great voice, and plays multiple instuments") and Rodney Jerkins (" I met Rodney when I was 18. He told me how he was going to put Brandy's record together and I just remember being in awe") as influences. Music came easy to the young protege, who at 6 years of age was playing the drums and violin. By the time Pierre reached high school, he was a member of the orchestra, played percussion in the band, as well as the church organ, and began experimenting with beats after his mother bought him a Korg Trinity his senior year. "It's natural for me to pick up any instrument or anything having to do with music and pretty much figure it out. It all comes so natural to me." Pierre's stellar reputation for being efficient and professional, almost exceed his brilliance behind the keyboard. Preferring to be involved in every step of the creative process, Pierre effortlessly marries the emotions of a song's lyrics with the beat, crafting memorable hits that are guaranteed to be instant classics for generations to come. " A good producer knows how to connect the dots and put together a complete body of work that communicates to the listener. It's not just about the beat; it's about creating a quality and timeless record." The laid-back vibe Pierre exudes, as well as the magical chemistry he establishes with his clients is why artists such as Jagged Edge and Rico Love continue to collaborate with him. In addition to producing and songwriting, the all-around talent also sings, having lent his voice to the Marques Houston rhythmic joints "All Because of You" and " I Wasn't Ready", as well as B5's smooth single "U Got Me." The triple-threat plans to build an entertainment empire with a thriving production company (Medor Music Group) and create an avenue of opportunity for other young artists, writers, and producers. "Many artists won't get a chance to work with a Rodney Jerkins or Babyface, but they will get a chance to work with me. I want to make sure an artist's recording experience is one that they will remember!"



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