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New Moscow

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詳細 2009年8月1日 00:02更新

new moscow was formed by division of laura lee guitarist david fransson.

in the summer of 2005 i decided to make this happen. i rented a room in my hometown trollhättan. borrowed a bunch of equipment and on my own i started to write and record.
for those of you who never been to trollhattan i can tell you it's a good place if you wanna be on your own. it's a quiet town in a industrial area. it's basically built round a car factory. guess you could say it's pretty much like a mini detroit dropped on the arctic circle.
the house where i was sitting was right next to the railway tracks, and when i wasn't recording i could hear the trains come to pick people up to go to oslo or gothenburg. i tried not to think about my whereabouts too much though, but focus on the plastic palm tree i had put in the corner to remind me of california. it sort of worked out. and the pile of lyrics grew higher and higher along with the number of california inspired tracks that was put down on tape.
the days came and went, summer turned to fall, and i didn't see anyone else but that turkish guy at the kebab place where i had dinner once a day.
snow came, and new people moved into the basement. i never talked to them but they seemed nice... at first. cause i now had to face the fact that my new neighbours were running some kind of a car paninting company. i don't know how real car-painting garages work, but this one gave off an awful smell that made me totally dizzy after a while. so i just had to reschedule my days; work for 2 hours til headache comes. then take a walk for 30 minutes, and then back to work again.
anyway. late december, on the last day of recording my friend lina visited me. she was back in trollhattan for the holidays. she's got a great voice and i got her to put some vocals on what i was recording at the moment. it was the song called c'mon up. that was the last contribution to what now had become an entire album. i burned the whole thing on a cd, wrote 'verse chorus worse' on it with a filt pen, wrapped up all the equipment and moved out.
i took the train to gothenburg and got myself an apartment. three days after moving in i started to record new songs. this time on my acoustic guitar.
another six months passed by and those acoustic songs have become a second album.
but i'll let those songs rest for a while now. cause i met my old friend andreas here in gothenburg. he introduced me to mathias, and we felt we just had to form a band and hit the road with this verse chorus worse thing. said and done. here we are. we're new moscow. hope to see you soon. take care.

david fransson
andreas nordstrom -drums
mathias engwall -bass




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