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Thizz Entertainment

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Thizz Entertainment

そう、あの有名なThizz Entertainmentのコミュです。

●Thizz Ent.のアーティスト●

* Mac Dre
* Mac Mall
* P.S.D.
* Dubee aka Sugawolf
* Keak Da Sneak
* Mistah F.A.B.
* Messy Marv
* Rydah J. Klyde
* Johnny Ca$h
* Money Gang (Rydah J. Klyde & Ca$h)
* Little Bruce
* Bad Azz
* J. Diggs
* Miami The Most
* Vital
* Coolio da unda dog
* Young Dru
* Cognito
* Mac Minister
* Mr. Kee
* Lil Coner
* Tito B
* Reek Daddy
* Sean T
* Budda Mac
* Freako(RIP)
* Y.S.
* B-Luv
* Ray Luv
* Young Lay
* Cognito
* Roblo
* Sleep Dank
* Fendi Boyz
* Geezy (Of Fendi Boyz)
* Kata (Of Fendi Boyz)
* Nutz (Of Fendi Boyz)
* The Crest Creepaz
* Boss Hogg (Of The Crest Creepaz)
* Traxx (Of The Crest Creepaz)
* Baygeen (Of The Crest Creepaz)
* Shiggady The Playboy (Of The Crest Creepaz)
* Major Factorz
* Young Zee (Of Major Factorz)
* Meezy Montana (Of Major Factorz)
* Tha Pillionaires
* City Side Crew
* Sweet Geez (Of City Side Crew)
* Shawn Do (Of City Side Crew)
* Son Of Man (Of City Side Crew)
* Big Dant
* Children Of Sin
* Sumthin' Terrible
* Bad Business (Of Sumthin Terrible)
* Sauce Money (Of Sumthin Terrible)
* Chuck Beez (Of Sumthin Terrible)
* Haji Springer
* Kilo Curt
* Black Mafia
* Bavgate (Of Black Mafia)
* Pooh Sauce (Of Black Mafia)
* Nephew (Of Black Mafia)
* Spoon (Of Black Mafia)
* Buckhaven (Of Black Mafia)
* Lil Holly (Of Black Mafia)
* Philly 45 (Of Black Mafia)
* Fed-X (Of Mob Figaz)
* Husalah (Of Mob Figaz)
* AP.9(Of Mob Figaz)
* The Jacka(Of Mob Figaz)
* Mob Figaz
* Waz
* Delinquents
* Macorino
* Joker Tha Bailsbondsman
* Lil Bomber
* G-Stack
* Magnolia Chop
* Trill Rel
* Jimmy Rose
* Freddy Chingaz
* Goldtoes
* Kuzzo Fly
* Savage Dragons
* Khayee
* Tic Toc
* Juggy Jugg
* Do Thangs
* Eboni
* Shima
* Alf
* DJ Rell
* Smoov-e
* Miss Tory

●【What is Thizz Ent.????】●

Thizz Entertainment is a San Francisco Bay Area based, independent record label, created in the late 1990's by the late Bay Area rapper Mac Dre and close friend Curtis "Kilo Curt" Nelson. Andre Hicks, better known by his stage name Mac Dre, first gained popularity in the early 1990's and started his first record label, Romp Productions. After being charged with conspiring to commit several bank robberies (that were directly linked to Mac Dre's "Romper Room Gang"), Dre was sentenced to five years in prison in 1992. After his release in 1996, Mac Dre relocated to Sacramento and decided to change the name of his record label from "Romp" to "Thizz Entertainment", supposedly to downplay his connection with the gang that led to his incarceration. During this time, Mac Dre's local popularity steadily rose. On November 1, 2004, Mac Dre was shot after a performance in Kansas City, Missouri. When Mac Dre died, Curtis Nelson took control over the label and remains the current owner today.


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