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Young and Restless

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詳細 2009年6月17日 01:09更新

Young and Restless

This is a coincidence, that I'm posting a song called Satan on 6/6/06. I promise. I am not a nut, nor am I that interested in the black arts. Not anymore at least. I might have dabbled in animal sacrifice to lock in some sports victories, but it's only cuz I owed money all over town and I really needed a win.

Anyway, this is from Australia, and for all I know they don't even use calendars down there. It's winter, right? So who knows. They're getting ready to celebrate christmas and shit, not ring in the new millennium of bloodfeast and torture and enslavement to the underlords. All they wanna do it rock the fuck out and burn in some ear drums while they're at it. So the Young and Restless enlist a couple friends of ours -- Chris Colonna of Bumblebeez81 and James Ford of Simian Mobile Disco-- to lay this fever down on wax. And look what we end up with: 3 minutes and 33 seconds of pure australian female punk vocal murder. I love it.

The production is absolutely perfect on this, and while it's got its feet firmly planted in Billysburg circa 02/03, they can't be faulted for that. The song rocks and the song rocks and the song rocks. I especially love the hardcore breakdown with the squelched out backing screams. That shit rules. This is exactly the type of thing mp3 blogs were made for (fuck mp3 blogs): "Hey, we wrote a song and a bunch of rad dudes recorded it and it's about Satan kind of but really it's about something else, so why don't you post it." How can I say no to something like that? I can't. I'm only human and the number of the beast calls to me. I must run to the hills.

So anyway, the reason for all this rambling is that I know absolutely nothing about this band. They're from Canberra. Ok. Karina Utomo is the one singing, and what I assume is her brother Nugie is the one beating the shit out of the drums back there. I kinda wish they'd come to LA so I could see Karina shred her vocal chords into ribbons. I bet this show is noisy as fuck, but you could dance to it. I love it.

Right. So, I guess that this is a newly recorded single, but really we'll have to wait and see what kind of release it gets. I highly recommend this song though.


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