Jonas EMERY (ヨナス・エメリー)

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Last Name : EMERY
First Name : Jonas
Nationality : Swiss
Date of birth : 12.08.1980 in Lens, France
Height : 1m73
Weight : 70kgs
Boots Size : 9.5 US
Hometown : Sierre, Switzerland
Homeresort : Verbier
Riding since 1992
First board : A green and pink board from a shopping center
First trick : Backside nose bone
Other sponsors : Bear, Arnette, Verbier
Ridden Boards : Jonas 160
Stance : 54
Front/back angles : 17/-3
Ridden boots : ACS
Ridden bindings : HC 3000
Clothing : Bear
Goggles : Arnette
Gloves : RS
Favourite spot (summer/winter) : Patcha mama
Favourite pipe : Laax
Favourite park : Verbier
Favourite trick : 69
Favourite rider : Mike Horn
Videos you are in : ESC, Absinthe, RS
Best media publication : My very first interview in 1996 in Freestyler Mag
Influences in snowboarding : Surf, dance, circus
Inspirations in your life : Life, love, passion
04/05 results : 1st at the Battle, 1st at the Nokia big air in Greece, 3rd in Leysin TTR main event
Your goal for 05/06 : Learn and continue to live my dreams
What do you like most about snowboarding : Everything but avalanches
What do you like most about Rossignol : Their passion for snowboards
What would you do if not snowboarding : Something in which I could express myself
Studies : Study of life
Hobbie/other sports : Climbing, juggling, drawing, reading and cooking a la casa
Music : World Music
What are you mostly proud of : Living my dreams
A saying/your motto : Inchallah
How did you get sponsored for the first time and what has changed since then : By following my dreams and i realize its worth to believe in them...
When did you realize that you would make it as a pro : When i first saw a picture of graig kelly in my class room in 1992.
The best and the worst about snowboarding : Having sensations and getting injured by them
Favourite place to snowboard : At home because i am far away to discover all the spots around my home place... So many little resorts with connections between them.
The best place you've ever been on a trip : The world is a beautiful place...
Favourite contest : Tokyo dome Nissan X-Trail Japan
How do you see yourself in 20 years : I don't even see myself in twenty minutes so in twenty years???
Does the product make a difference : Of course but the best product starts first in your mind.
How important is the sticker job : Super important in the way that it gives character to your board...
Favourite non snowboarding mag : Reporter sans frontieres
Tell us something really deep : Pow pow
What kids should know : To follow their dream
Veggies or meat : Both
Beer or wine : Both
Reading or video games : Reading
Skate or mountain bikes : Skate
Real or synthetice fur : Shaved
Fast food or home made : Home made
Light or dark hair : One blood
Halloween or Christmas : Both sucks
Religious or not : Yes into the cosmic power
Rock or pop : Rock
Hip-hop or techno : Some hip-hop
Real or fake : Real
How do all the other sports you do help you for snowboarding : Climbing helps building my mind and back and juggling is good to relax them


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