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Natalia Kills

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23歳のイギリス出身シンガーソングライター。今年9月にデビューアルバム「Perfectionist」を発売予定。この曲はその1stからの宣伝用シングルです。。8月10日にはAkonプロデュースのリード・シングル「Mirrors」をリリース。オフィシャルサイトなどではキルズが次々に男を殺していく「Love, Kills xx」というWebepisodeも見ることができます。

Introducing "Natalia Kills", Perfectionist and Love Kills, xx
Natalia then came up with a stage name of Natalia Kills. She described her sound as "darker sounding pop music". Kills' first music video as Natalia Kills, entitled "Zombie" was unveiled on 29 October 2009 on the official Cherrytree Records website. It is a promo single for her upcoming debut album, Perfectionist, which will be released by Cherrytree Records in September 2010. Kills has also produced and co-directed a mini-series, Love Kills xx, and a film "The Exhibitionist" which has been made concurrently with the album, specifically so that they will synchronise, the album acting as the soundtrack to the film. She describes Perfectionist as a concept album, writing all her own lyrics and working with producers Jeff Bhasker, Fernando Garibay, and Akon among others.[citation needed]

"Love Kills xx" first aired on 26 April 2010 on Cherrytree Records website, and usually an episode airs every Monday on the official website. The series has shown Kills killing a boyfriend and being captured by "Far East Movement" in the desert. "Zombie", "Love Is A Suicide"[4], "Superficial" and another untitled track featured in episode 6 have been featured in the series, with more songs to premiere as the series continues. Kills has stated that the series is not used to show the album from her music, although some tracks have been used, but the film "The Exhibitionist" will be the film to use all songs from her album as the soundtrack. The first season consisted of 10 episodes, the show will have a second as confirmed by Cherrytree Records and Kills, is expected to start airing before 2010 ends. The album's first single, titled "Mirrors" was released to US iTunes on August 10, 2010. A snippet was released on Monday, July 26, 2010. The full version was later leaked the next day July 27, 2010. Natalia will be featured on Far East Movement's 2010 album, as confirmed via her Twitter.

Natalia performed three songs from the album (Zombie, Wonderland and Mirrors) at the Prince Peter Fashion Collection during New York Fashion Week.

It has been revealed that Natalia will be opening for Kelis' European, solo only dates of the All Hearts Tour, as well as Robyn's performance at Metro Chicago.
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