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Alternative Controlフリークはとりあえず入るべし!祝1stアルバムリリース!Profile....:Alternative control (ex Chromatoner) are Toprek Goran a.k.a. Toca and Rastko Palikuca both from Serbia. Toca has been producing music since 1997 and from 1999 he started a project called "Manifest" with a friend. This was a dark, groovy Psy-Trance project that became the first Serbian project with a high level of production. Rastko joined Toprek in producing music when he was only 18 years old, so for him it was a first experience in the electronic trance scene and after one year of hard work and a lot sweat in the studio, Rastko and Toca decided to make a new project called “Chromatoner”. This came as a big surprise for their fellow countryman due to the high level of sophistication of their music. Adding Toprek's experience to Rastko organized and methodic skills the project emerged as being totally different from “Manifest” moving rapidly into a morning groovy sound with full-on tunes inspired by the likes of Silicon Sound, Protoculture and GMS. They started to grow very fast musically. During the promotion tour for “Chromatoner” in their country they played at a party with Nomad and some other big parties in several Serbian cities attracting attention from overseas labels. Their music being so fresh an innovative they managed to sell their first tracks to labels like Phonokol ,and Inpsyde media. Upon realizing that a similar act called “Chromaotne” (Lawrence) was already on the market and had released tracks before them they decided to change their name into" Alternative Control" continuing to produce morning psy-trance, with colorful baselines and spacious melodies. VERY EMOTIONAL After having released their first tracks on Phonokol Records, Inpsyde Media, Pukka Musica, Sphere Records, Soular Records and having had a few collaborations projects with already well known artist from the scene like Bizarre Contact, Pop Stream and Cyrus the Virus, their first album is in the pipe line and will be released very soon on VISION QUEST RECORDS.◎Released TracksAlternative ControlAccelerator 2.0 CD/Turbo Trance [TTRCD012]Hijacka Deep Impact CD/Odd [ODDCD002]Commercial Hit Fullmoon Festival 2005 CD/Right Now Music [0311165472]Always Kagdelicious Volume 2 3xCD/Kagdila [KAGCD20]Uninspired Listen To Me Loud!!! CD/Pukka Music [PMCD001]Pukka Musica New Religion CD/Splif [SPICD007]Our Reality Positive Prototype CD/Proton [PROCD001]Positive Prototype Psychoanaesis 2 - Mind Directed Energy CD/Sphere [SPHCD008]Lost In Mind Re-Start CD/Utopia [UTPCD11]Have Mercy Satellite CD/Oxygen [OXYCD001]Esperanto Spiritual Rhythm's Of Psytrance Volume001 CD/Planet B.E.N. [PBRCD03]Verify Tox D Compilation CD/Splif [SP1CD005]DNA Trancers Guide To The Galaxy 2xCD&Magazine/Yellow Sunshine Explosion [YSE066]Sub Marine Twilight Twisters CD/Mindfunk [MFR001]Get Professional Help◎Checked Unrelease Tracks!Super Recommend!!System Nipel Vs Electro Sun / We Can Fly(Alternative Control Remix)*Very Very Excelent Remix by AltControl!!!Very Beautiful Dreamy Original Track Remixed, Many Dimentional Edit and Groovy Beats! ☆☆☆☆☆ Alternative Control/Toba*Very Grooovy&Smoothy Morning Track! Nice Percusstion on Housey Beat,Diffarent Style Music!

My Space : http://www.myspace.com/acontrol


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