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Bio Genesis

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詳細 2012年3月28日 23:57更新

Bio Genesis ( NUTEK RECORDS / Spain )

Bio Genesis is one of the most exciting, new projects to come out from Mexico. Behind Bio Genesis are Mikeldi Murguia & Carlos Perez, both born in Mexico City, but are currently living in Spain. United since childhood, Mikeldi and Carlos have been making music together for a long time. When they were younger, they both played in a rock group, and performed in various local spots, gaining local fame for a few years. After a while of making music together, they were introduced to the electronic scene and started producing lounge, and more downtempo music, using several acoustic instruments as well as synthetizers and computers. Further on, they discovered psy-trance and were instantly attracted to this new style of production. Bio Genesis is now known for their unique fusion of sounds and groovy rhythms, which combines the more melodic elements, with more experimental synth sounds and driving beats. Bio Genesis have been releasing music with artists such as CPU, GMS, Mekkanikka, Xerox & Illumination, Sirius Isness, Atomic Pulse, Painkiller, etc, as well as various International labels, which has been a factor to their rapidly growing reputation. Mikeldi and Carlos are now presenting their long awaited debut album "Harmonic Science" which will be released by Nutek Records. The Album is full of fresh new sounds and fuses together several different styles of music with a new and futuristic outlook. This release is guaranteed to take you on a journey through different soundscapes, and keep you listening form beginning to end. Be sure to keep an eye out for this smashing release soon to be unleashed.

Origin: Mexico

Style: Full-On

Booking: bio_booking@hotmail.com

NUTEK RECORDS : http://www.nutek.org
Bio Genesis MySpace : http://www.myspace.com/biomusic
Bio Genesis オフィシャルサイト : www.bio-genesis.tv


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