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Arising from the dismal murk of past mediocrity, Current was formed in early July of 1992. Seizing pre-paid studio time from Matt and Derek's failing musical endeavor, Gallowstree, Current recorded an eight song demo at the Tempermill on July 7th - a mere seven days after their first practice. The fast and hectic pace disallowed any planning or forethought and much of the recording was improvised and/or written in the studio. Some four months later, four of these songs would appear on Current's first vinyl offering - a self-titled 7" - which in turn gave birth to Council Records. Soon after the release of this record, Scott and the band parted ways over differences in direction and dedication.

Throughout the Fall and Winter of 1992, Current circulated their s/t 7" locally in Michigan and via mailorder. The reception was positive and in the Spring of 1993, Current was asked to participate in the first More Than Music Festival (Dayton, OH). Shortly after, Current was approached by Doghouse Records who offered to help finance and release what would later become the Coliseum LP. Not wishing to deal with contracts and bad relations, Current balked at the idea and decided to release the LP on their own label. The Coliseum LP was released in the Summer of 1993 - a time which also found Current setting out for their first US tour. Accompanied by Little Rock, Arkansas' own Chino Horde, Current would play over 40 shows in two months, travel coast to coast, meet an amazing amount of wonderful people, and play a handful of shows with the likes of Rorshach, Sinker, Askance, Second Story Window, Greyhouse and Heroin.

Shortly after returning from their Summer tour, Justin left Michigan for Utah, which effectively disbanded Current. During that time the split 7" with Indian Summer was released, work on the split 7" with Chino Horde began and the remaining members of Current, with the aid of some old friends, recorded an Embrace song for the Land of Greed, World of Need compilation. Justin returned to Michigan in the final remaining months of 1993 at which time Current reformed and the seeds of Ottawa were first sown.

Throughout the early months of 1994, Current practiced, wrote new songs, released the split 7" with Chino Horde and planned their next Summer tour. May of that year, saw Current leave for a 56-day Summer tour playing shows with Indian Summer, Native Nod, William Martyr 17, Prozac Memory and a host of fine bands at the second More Than Music Festival in Dayton, Ohio. Sadly, in the grandest time of existence, tour stressed the relationships of all involved - foreshadowing doom in the months to come. Returning from tour, Current managed to record seven furious final songs at Woodshed Studios before disbanding for good in November of 1994, four of which were post-humorously released as the Is 4 7" in the Summer of 1995.

Current's final legacy includes, two 7" singles, a split 7" with Chino Horde, a split 7' with Indian Summer (Homemade Records) , a full-length LP (Coliseum), various compilations tracks and a more or less complete Discography CD released by Council Records in the Winter of 1998.

one of the best bands ever...

A. Albus - Bass
D. Brosch - Drums
J. Labo - Guitar
M. Weeks - Vocals
S. Ray - Add. Vocals




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