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JEREMY JORDAN(ジェレミー・ジョーダン)が好きな人。



Never Been Kissed 「25年目のキス」(1999) .... Guy Perkins
Dreamers (1999) .... Dave
"Storm of the Century" (1999) (mini) TV Series .... Billy Soames ...
aka "Stephen King's Storm of the Century" (1999)
(mini) (USA: complete title)
Falling Sky (1998) ....
Vance Julian Po 「ジュリアン・ボーの涙」(1997) .... Bobby
Nowhere 「ノーウェア」(1997) .... Bart Sighvatssohn
Skeletons (1996) .... Aryan Boy
Twisted Desire (1996) (TV) .... Nick Ryan
Bio-Dome (1996) .... Trent Live
Nude Girls (1995) .... Jeffery Greenpeace
Leaving Las Vegas 「リービング・ラスベガス」(1995) .... College boy #2
Boys Will Be Boys (1994) (TV) .... Johnny


1993 Try My Love The Billboard 200 No. 176
1993 Try My Love Heatseekers No. 9

1993 The Right Kind Of Love (From "Beverly Hills, 90210") The Billboard Hot 100 No. 14
1993 Wannagirl The Billboard Hot 100 No. 28
1993 The Right Kind Of Love Rhythmic Top40 No. 22
1993 Wannagirl Rhythmic Top 40 No. 24
1993 The Right Kind Of Love Top 40 Mainstream No. 4
1993 Wannagirl Top 40 Mainstream No. 11


Try My Love Lyrics

Ooh.. ah.. oh ah oh... oh come on baby, just try my love..

Hey, oh baby I know that you get down many times before... and it seems it's like you're heading for one more.. no oh, not trying to lyin'on you babe, please give me a chance tp prove it, all yo
E to do is...

Chorus: try my love (2x) try my love, baby, yeah yeah, try my love, hmmm, try my love, baby, oh... try my love..

Oh baby don't waste your time, thinkin' that I'm gonna do ya.. 'cause I truly want, you know that I mean to you, I know it's hard for you believe someone new, oh babe yeah baby, I bet ya gotta s
Somewhere, yeah.. no matters what hears...

Chorus2: try my love.. try my love.. all you have to do is, try my love, turn your love around me..

Talk: baby, I know that you'd love many times before, that you spent many nights alone, but if you try my love baby, I'll never let you down because..

Oh baby I adore you and my love is true, all you got to do is adjust... give me a play baby, oh girly.. reach out now to me, oh baby, I won't let you down, I'm gonna turn you love around sugar..
Ything will be alright.. may be we'll talk tonight, yeah.. I won't let you down, my love... baby, I just wanna let you know, my love, sugar, it's good to go.. I can, oh! give you the love that y
Ed, and don't you worry baby, 'cause I'll be there for you.. I promise baby, I adore you, come on baby...

The Right Kind of Love Lyrics

It's the right kinda love, it's the right kinda night, you're the right kinda girl... ooh, woh!

Oh yeah... hey..oh.. it's the right kinda love.. yeah...

Day dreaming about you baby, that it must love, girl you made my heart go crazy, highest the heaven's above oh yeah.. I hope you're thinking about me girl, because all of my thoughts are with yo
Love, there's no reason to doubt me, believe me it's true, yeah...

Chorus: I know it that I could give you the right kinda love, it's the right kinda night, you're the right kinda girl, and the right oh time oh now baby, you know we can't go wrong.. noh..

Why you're trying to hold back baby? tell me what you feel, if you're have a mixed emotions, I'll show you that I'm for real..what can I do to make you see, baby, there's nobody but you, and gir
's not magic or fair to see, it's simple and true..

Repeat chorus

Chorus2: I know it, I could give you the right kinda love, it's the right kinda night, you're the right kinda girl, I'm the right kinda guy, it's the right kinda love, oh I'm the right kinda nig
Here's no right kinda stars in the right kinda sky, oh now baby, you know we can't go wrong..

Rap: girl, I gotta heart that's true, I got the right kinda love, I'm gonna give it to you, then you got me, romantic can't you see, I'm the guy for you and you're the girl for me, I gotta heart
's true, a soul that's deep, I'll be the right kinda lover, baby can't you see, I'm gonna treat you, the right kinda way, you know it, so come on girl stay..

I could do with the girl like you(4x)
It's you and me together, right kinda love, right kinda stars.. hey.. give me the right kinda love..


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