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idobi Radio

Music that doesn`t suck! News, interviews and the best in alternative, rock, and punk music


Playlist (06/23/2009)

3OH!3, Don't Trust Me
AFI, Love Like Winter
AFI, Miss Murder
A Static Lullaby, The Shooting Sta…
The Academy Is..., About A Girl
The Academy Is..., Checkmarks
The Academy Is..., Chop Chop
The Academy Is..., One More Weeken…
The Academy Is..., Rumored Nights
The Academy Is..., Season
The Academy Is..., Sleeping With G…
The Academy Is..., Summer Hair = F…
The Academy Is..., The Test
The Academy Is..., We've Got A Big…
Action Item, A Way With Words
Adelphi, Attention
Alkaline Trio, I Found Away
Alkaline Trio, We've Had Enough
All Time Low, Damned If I Do Ya (D…
All Time Low, Dear Maria, Count Me…
All Time Low, Jasey Rae
All Time Low, Poppin' Champagne
All Time Low, Vegas
All Time Low, Weightless
Allister, A Lotta Nerve
Allister, D2
Allister, Flypaper
Allister, Scratch
Allister, Somewhere On Fullerton
The Almost, Southern Weather
Amber Pacific, Always You (Good Ti…
Amber Pacific, Save Me From Me
Amely, Have You Ever Known
Amely, I'd Rather Be Alone
Amely, On My Own
American Hi-Fi, Flavor Of The Weak
Angels & Airwaves, Do it for Me No…
Armor For Sleep, Raindrops
Army Of Freshmen, Road Less Travel…
Army Of Freshmen, Sing Along
Army Of Me, Come Down to DC
Artist Vs. Poet, Runaway
The Ataris, I Remember You
The Ataris, My Hotel Year
The Ataris, Not Capable Of Love
The Ataris, Radio #2
The Ataris, The Hero Dies In This …
The Audition, My Temperature's Ris…
The Audition, The Way You Move
Autopilot Off, Chromatic Fades
Bad Religion, New Dark Ages
Bayside, Duality
The Bigger Lights, Closer
The Bigger Lights, When Did We Los…
Blink 182, Feeling This
Boys Like Girls, Five Minutes To M…
Boys Like Girls, Hero / Heroine
Boys Like Girls, The Great Escape
Boys Like Girls, Thunder
Brand New, Guernica
Brand New, The Quiet Things That N…
The Cab, Bounce
The Cab, One Of Those Nights
The Cab, This City Is Contagious
Cartel, Honestly
Cartel, Luckie St.
Cartel, Say Anything (Else)
Cartel, Tonight
Cobra Starship, Good Girls Go Bad
Cobra Starship, One Day, Robots Wi…
Cobra Starship, Send My Love To Th…
Cobra Starship, Snakes On a Plane …
Cute Is What We Aim For, Practice …
Cute Is What We Aim For, Safe Ride
Cute Is What We Aim For, Sweet Tal…
Cute Is What We Aim For, There's A…
Daphne Loves Derby, Sun
Dashboard Confessional, Don't Wait
Dashboard Confessional, Ender Will…
Dashboard Confessional, Hands Down
Dashboard Confessional, Hey Girl
Dashboard Confessional, Stolen
Dashboard Confessional, Vindicated
Day At The Fair, And My Name's Dig…
Day At The Fair, Eastern Homes And…
A Day To Remember, Monument
Ronnie Day, Written At A Rest Stop
Death Cab For Cutie, Cath...
Death Cab For Cutie, Crooked Teeth
Dexter Freebish, Prozak
Die Trying, Oxygen's Gone
Die Trying, Turn Up The Radio
Don't Look Down, Can You Hear Me?
Don't Look Down, Words Kill
Driving East, Backseat
Driving East, Come On, Come On
The Early November, Decoration
The Early November, Hair
The Early November, Outside
Eleventyseven, Yesterday's Glues
The Elliot Project, Tell Me
Everclear, Father Of Mine
Every Avenue, A Story To Tell Your…
Every Avenue, Days Of The Old
The Exies, Different Than You
Eye Alaska, Walk Like A Gentleman
Faktion, Letting You Go
Fall Out Boy, Fame < Infamy
Fall Out Boy, I'm Like A Lawyer Wi…
Fall Out Boy, I've Got All This Ri…
Fall Out Boy, Of All The Gin Joint…
Fall Out Boy, Our Lawyer Made Us C…
Fall Out Boy, The Take Over, The B…
Fall Out Boy, What a Catch, Donnie
Fenix*TX, A Song For Everyone
Finch, Post Script
FM Static, Flop Culture
FM Static, Three Days Later
Forever The Sickest Kids, Believe …
Forever The Sickest Kids, Catastro…
Forever The Sickest Kids, Whoa Oh!…
The Fray, You Found Me
The Friday Night Boys, Finding Me …
The Friday Night Boys, Permanent H…
The Friday Night Boys, Sorry I Sto…
The Friday Night Boys, Stupid Love…
The Friday Night Boys, The First T…
Gatsbys American Dream, We Can Rem…
The Get Up Kids, I'm A Loner Dotti…
The Get Up Kids, Valentine
Gob, Ming Tran
Goldfinger, Is She Really Going Ou…
Good Charlotte, Dance Floor Anthem
Good Charlotte, Ghost of You
Good Charlotte, Misery
Good Charlotte, Walk Away (Maybe)
Good Charlotte, WAR
Green Day, Brain Stew
Green Day, Hitchin' A Ride
Green Day, Know Your Enemy
Green Day, Longview
Green Day, She
Green Day, The Static Age
Green Day, Viva La Gloria
Green Day, Welcome To Paradise
Guff, Super Special
Guff, Where Will You Break
Halifax, Our Revolution
Halifax, Straight Up
Hawthorne Heights, I Am On Your Si…
Hedley, On My Own
Hellogoodbye, Here (In Your Arms)
Hellogoodbye, Shimmy Shimmy Quarte…
Hellogoodbye, Touchdown Turnaround…
Hey Monday, How You Love Me Now
Hey Monday, Hurricane Streets
Holiday Parade, Crimson Red
Holiday Parade, Hope Dies Last
Holiday Parade, Make It Count
Holiday Parade, Never Enough
Holiday Parade, Slam Crunk
Holiday Parade, Walking By
Home Grown, Give It Up
Home Grown, Why Won't You Leave?
Hoobastank, Out Of Control
Hot Hot Heat, Goodnight, Goodnight
Hot Hot Heat, Let Me In
Houston Calls, Elephant And Castle
Houston Calls, Life Won't Wait
Houston Calls, Modest Manifesto
The Hush Sound, City Traffic Puzzl…
The Hush Sound, Crawling Towards t…
I Am The Avalanche, Bloody Symphon…
Jack's Mannequin, American Love
Jack's Mannequin, Bruised
Jack's Mannequin, Holiday From Rea…
Jack's Mannequin, The Mixed Tape
Jack's Mannequin, The Resolution
Jet Lag Gemini, Bittersweet
Jet Lag Gemini, Run This City
Jimmy Eat World, Bleed American
Jimmy Eat World, Blister
Jimmy Eat World, Pain
Jonezetta, Communicate
Just Left, I Call It Like I See It
Just Left, Memmi
Just Left, These Are The Days
Just Surrender, Of All We've Known
Just Surrender, Tell Me Everything
Last Week, Forget Her
Avril Lavigne, Sk8er Boi
Less Than Jake, Liquor Store
Less Than Jake, Modern World
Linkin Park, In The End
Lostprophets, Rooftops
Low Level Flight, Change For Me
Mae, Anything
Mae, Brink Of Disaster
Mae, Make It Alone
The Maine, Everything I Ask For
The Maine, Girls Do What They Want
The Maine, I Must Be Dreaming
Matchbook Romance, Promise
Matchbook Romance, She'll Never Un…
Mayday Parade, If You Wanted A Son…
Mayday Parade, Jamie All Over
Mayday Parade, Three Cheers For Fi…
Mest, As His Black Heart Dies (My …
Mest, Last Kiss
Mest, Lost Broken Confused
Millencolin, Material Boy
Millencolin, No Cigar
The Morning Light, Clouds
The Morning Light, Done Writing Lo…
The Morning Light, Honest (Apologi…
The Movielife, Hand Granade
MxPx, You're on Fire
My Chemical Romance, I Don't Love …
My Chemical Romance, The Ghost Of …
My Chemical Romance, Welcome To Th…
My Chemical Romance, You Know What…
My Favorite Highway, Getaway Car
My Favorite Highway, Go
National Product, Medicated
New Found Glory, Don't Let This Be…
New Found Glory, It's Not Your Fau…
New Found Glory, Kiss Me
New Found Glory, The King Of Wishf…
NHOI, California (If You Wanna Dan…
NHOI, Finger On The Trigger
NHOI, Hard Headed
NHOI, Lets Go All The Way
No Doubt, Spiderwebs
October Fall, It Was Summer...(Bab…
October Fall, Second Chances
Over It, Come Out With Your Hands …
Over It, Crush
Over It, Fall
Over It, Your Song
Panic At The Disco, Northern Downp…
Panic At The Disco, Time To Dance
Panic At The Disco, When the Day M…
Paramore, Emergency
Paramore, Miracle
Paramore, Misery Business
Pennywise, Confusion
Pennywise, Die For You
Pennywise, Nothing To Lose
Pennywise, The Western World
The Pink Spiders, Hollywood Fix
The Pink Spiders, Knock Knock
Plain White T's, All That We Neede…
Plain White T's, Hey There Delilah
Plain White T's, Last Call
Plain White T's, Take Me Away
Punchline, Caller 10
Punchline, Getting There Is Gettin…
Punchline, Green Light
Punchline, The Fake, The Snake, An…
Quietdrive, Daddy's Little Girl
Quietdrive, Take A Drink
Quietdrive, Time After Time
Rancid, Last One To Die
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Damn R…
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Face D…
Reel Big Fish, Don't Start A Band
Relient K, Be My Escape
Relient K, I Need You
Relient K, Must Have Done Somethin…
Relient K, Sadie Hawkins Dance
Riddlin' Kids, Crazy
Riddlin' Kids, I Feel Fine
Riddlin' Kids, Nowhere To Run
Rookie Of The Year, Liars And Batt…
Route 215, Ghost Rock
Runner Runner, So Obvious
SafetySuit, Someone Like You
Say Anything, Baby Girl, I'm A Blu…
Secondhand Serenade, Maybe
Secondhand Serenade, Vulnerable
Self Against City, Ready And Willi…
Senses Fail, Choke On This
Set Your Goals, Echoes
Sherwood, I'll Wait For You
Silverchair, The Greatest View
Silverstein, Red Light Pledge
Simple Plan, Save You
Simple Plan, The End
So They Say, Good-Bye
So They Say, Over Exposed Photo
So They Say, Talking In Circles
Something Corporate, Little
Something Corporate, Punk Rock Pri…
Sparks The Rescue, Autumn
Spitalfield, The Only Thing That M…
The Starting Line, 21
The Starting Line, Bedroom Talk
The Starting Line, Island (Float A…
The Starting Line, The Best Of Me
The Starting Line, The World
Steriogram, Tsunami
Steriogram, Walkie Talkie Man
Stole Your Woman, Boundward Home
Stole Your Woman, I Don't Care
Sugarcult, Daddy's Little Defect
Sugarcult, Hate Every Beautiful Da…
Sugarcult, Head Up
Sugarcult, Stuck In America
Sum 41, March Of The Dogs
Sum 41, Pieces
Sum 41, Some Say
Sum 41, Subject To Change
The Summer Obsession, Melt the Sug…
Taking Back Sunday, Cute Without T…
Taking Back Sunday, Sink Into Me
Taking Back Sunday, Up Against (Bl…
This Providence, My Beautiful Resc…
This Providence, Selfish
Thrice, Hoods on Peregrine
The Used, Let It Bleed
The Used, Sick Hearts
The Used, The Bird And The Worm
VersaEmerge, Moments Between Sleep
VersaEmerge, Past Praying For
VersaEmerge, Whisperer
Wakefield, C'mon Baby
We The Kings, August Is Over
The White Tie Affair, Candle (Sick…
The White Tie Affair, Take It Home
The Years Gone By, You Might As We…
Yellowcard, Breathing
Yellowcard, Rough Draft
Young Love, Discotech
Zebrahead, The Hell That Is My Lif…
Asteria, Finding Love In A Bottle …
Blink-182, First Date
Blink-182, Online Songs
Blink-182, Shut Up
Blink-182, The Rock Show
CrashCarBurn, Serenade
Eve 6, Inside Out
Fenix TX, All My Fault
Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Another Da…
Karrigan, Summer Shadez
Mathletes, Badstreet USA
Nevershoutnever!, Bigcitydreams
Number One Gun, Wake Me Up
Phantom Planet, Do The Panic
Saosin, You're Not Alone
The Race, Raising Children
Third Eye Blind, Graduate
Third Eye Blind, Semi-Charmed Life
Tinted Windows, Kind Of A Girl


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