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Parov Stelar aka Marcus Füreder

Lives and works in Linz / Austria.

Interesting themes and structures preferably move in the protecting environment of the underground. Right where enough space and stages can be found for growth and development.

The freedom of jazz combined with the groove of house and breakbeat describes the character of Parov Stelar. The main theme is clearly defined, high quality music engaged in functionality.

Parovs productions addresses the DJ at the club as well as the listener in his easy chair and - he is spinning his well selected vinyls across the world.

Marcus Füreder and Wolf Mayer run the label Etage Noir Recordings.

Releases on other labels:

Last Dance | 12" | Bigsur Records | Italy
Triola | 12" | Raum...musik / Frankfurt
Primavera | 12" | Auris Recordings / Leipzig
Get up on your feet | 12" | Sunshine Enterprises / Vienna
Ash | 12" | Temp Records / Vienna


Ithamara Koorax - "O Vento" - Irma Records Italy
The Dining Rooms - "Destination Moon" - Schema Records Italy
R. Dorfmeister/Madrid de los Austrias - "Valdemossa" - Sunshine Enterprises
Audio Underwear - "Looking for Freedom" - Temp Records
Sonoluce - " Say You´ll Be Mine" - Ecco Chamber
Mauracher - "Waiting" - Fabrique Records
Ed Royal - "Vamos Irmanos" - Innvision Records
Pilot Jazou - "I Kill Myself" - Total Wipes, Italy


0815 Volume 7 - Zap Music, Switzerland
A Lounge Supreme Volume 4 - Clubstar GmbH, Germany
Afterwork Grooves Volume 3 - Zap Music, Switzerland
Ambient Lounge Volume 9 - Globe GmbH, Germany
Aus:Klang - Zap Music, Switzerland
Bar Lounge Classics Sunset Edition - Sony BMG, Germany
Bar Lounge Classics Winter Edition - Sony BMG, Germany
Bar Tunes Volume 2 - Chinchin Records, Germany
Balearic Biscuits - Music For Dreams, Denmark
Bistro Jar - Ferreire Productions, Sweden
Bread And Butter Volume 2 - compiled by Dublex Inc.
Buddha Bar Clubbing - George V Records, France
Carpe Diem - Warner Music, Austria
Cocktail Lounge Volume 2 - Just Records, Italy
Fm4 Soundselection Volume 11 - Universal Music, Austria
Fm4 Soundselection Volume 12 - Universal Music, Austria
Fruit Volume 5 - Musicpark Records, Austria
Funky Pluesch Volume 2 - Chinchin Records, Germany
Funky Kitchen - 2BP Music, Germany
Generation Cocktail Volume 4 - Saifam Records, Italy
Grillbar - VME Denmark
G. Lounge Volume 2 - Clubstra GmbH, Germany
Guru Volume 2 - Sony BMG, Greece
Hilton Rangali Island Selection - Etage Noir, Austria
Hotel Costes Volume 8 - Pschent Records, France
Hamaka - Verdes Records, Spain
Islands Volume 2 - Big City Beats, Germany
Islands Volume 3 - Big City Beats, Germany
Jazz Nouveau - Halidon Music, Italy
Key Rush Unlimited - Time SRL, Italy
Lazy Days And Sundays - Instinctive Travels, Australia
La Caseta - Verdes Records, Spain
La Maison Volume 5 - Antibe Music, Italy
Lounge Supreme Volume 4 - Soulstar Records, Germany
Lounge FM 102 - A.K. Müzik, Turkey
Luftkastellet Volume 4 - Music For Dreams, Denmark
Man Ray Volume 4 compiled by Jose Padilla - Merkevah Records, France
Messerli Volume 3 - Zap Music, Switzerland
Miedzy Nami Cafe - SPV, Germany
Music for Cocktails Volume 3 - United Recordings, Netherlands
Music Cocktail Volume 2 - Universal Music, Poland
Natura Cereza - Verdes Records, Spain
Nektar - Krumm Music Management, Germany
Nouveau Beat Volume 4 Monte Carlo Nights - EMI Music, Italy
Northface Unlimited - Ultra Vybe, Japan
Pinacolada Volume 3 - Universal Music, Poland
Pure New Jazz - Brioche Edizioni, Italy
Raámien Club Tunes Volume 1 - Soundlab, Austria
Roma Alta Moda Volume 3 - Cool Division, Italy
Schall & Rauch Volume 2 - Monkey Music, Austria
Swinging Lounge - ZXY Music, Germany
Tokyo Lounge Volume 2 - High Note, Japan



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