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Lipe Forbes is the name behind the consecrated Skulptor project. At 24 years old , he's one of the most respecteds artists in the brazilian psytrance scene, wich is considered the biggest in the world.
Lipe started to play in 1996, by the time he was only 14 years old and was already playing house music in club like Circus, Oz and also some parties in Campos do Jord o. In 99, he declaims his style: became to represent only trance. Putting his talent, his goodinfluences and his soon experience as a dj, he started to produce some tracks in his home pc. And after and audio engineering course, Lipe decides to build his own studio.
By the end of 2001, he releases one of his first tracks, the MDMario, under the project name Insane Tubulators, the track that uses the samples of the game Mario Bros, became a hit all over the world, giving strength to keep him going.
And the rest is history..he creates the Skulptor project in 2002, with a full on style, with high techs bass lines,and of course joining all its good influences... the sucess formula of the Skulptor project was schematized. That nowdays has performed on the most respectful events all over the world. Trought this working years, Lipe had the time to create many side projects to develop many differents kinds os music and style. Oracle and Efexor are good examples of this. In 2003 he released a trance album named "The Summeris Over" by the brazilian label High End Records. In 2006 Lipe's side project named Oracle, released an album called "Wish Away" by the french label Mandala Records. Also, he has already released two compilations named HI-FI and HI-FI 2 only with brazilian artists, and relesead many tracks in brazilian and internationals compilations......
Now he's releasing a new album called "Natural", by the the brazilian label Wired Music. The album is vey versatile,and with extense musical feedback,
“Natural” results from a huge research and dancefloor tests. With unique style, Lipe mixed his singularity with pure trance music: uplifting melodies and deep vocals perfectly fitted with power guitar solos and classic nylon guitar lines. Not to mention his finest and crystal sound quality.
Take a listen at the samples... you will like it!

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