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Vilmos Zsigmond

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State Academy of Theatre and Film Art, Budapestで学ぶ。


195? Elszállnak a felhök [?] student film
195? A föld [?] student film
1955 Hajnal elött [?] student film
1956 Ungarn in flammen/Revolt in Hungary [Stefan Erdelyi]
196? Blue of the Sky [Vilmos Zsigmond & László Kovács]
1962 Wild Guitar [Ray Dennis Steckler]
1963 Lullaby [Vilmos Zsigmond & László Kovács]
1963 The Sadist/Profile of Terror/Sweet Baby Charlie [James Landis]
1963 Living Between Two Worlds [Bobby Johnson]
1963 What's Up Front/The Fall Guy/A Fourth for Marriage [Bob Wehling]
1963 Summer Children/A Hot Summer Game/It's All in the Game [James Bruner]
1964 Nasty Rabbit/Spies-A-Go-Go [James Landis]
1964 The Time Travelers/Time Trap/This Time Tomorrow
1964 Echo of Terror/Psycho-A-Go-Go[Al Adamson]
1964 Tell Me in the Sunlight [Steve Cochran]
1965 Tales of a [Traveling] Salesman [Don Russell]
1965 Deadwood '76 [James Landis]
1965 Rat Fink/My Soul Runs Naked/Wild and Willing [James Landis]
1965 [The] Gun Riders/The Lonely Man/Five Bloody Graves [Al Adamson]
1966 The Cat [Ellis Kadison]
1966 Road to Nashville [Robert Patrick]
1967 The Name of the Game Is Kill!/The Female Trap [Gunnar Hellström]
1967 Blood of Dracula's Castle [Al Adamson]
1967 Mondo Mod [Peter Perry]
1968 Working Women [Robert Aller]
1968 The Monitors [Jack Shea]
1968 The Picasso Summer [Serge Bourguignon & Robert Sallin]
1968 Jennie: Wife – Child/Tender Grass [James Landis & Robert Carl Cohen (RCC)]
1969 Futz! [Tom O'Horgan]
1969 Hot Rod Action [Gene McCabe]
1969 The Ski Bum/Point Zero [Bruce Clark]
1969 Satan's Sadists/Nightmare Bloodbath [Al Adamson]
1969 Horror of the Blood Monsters/Creatures of the Red Planet/The Flesh Creatures/Vampire Men of the Lost Planet [Al Adamson]
1970 The Hired Hand [Peter Fonda]
1970 Red Sky at Morning [James Goldstone]
1970 McCabe and Mrs. Miller [Robert Altman]
1971 Soul to Soul [Denis Sanders]
1971 Deliverance [John Boorman]
1971 Images [Robert Altman]
1971 The Argument [Donald Cammell]
1972 The Master [Richard Colla]
1972 The Long Goodbye [Robert Altman]
1972 Scarecrow [Jerry Schatzberg]
1973 The Sugarland Express [Steven Spielberg]
1973 Cinderella Liberty [Mark Rydell]
1973 The Girl from Petrovka [Robert Ellis Miller]
1974 Funny Lady [Herbert Ross]
1975 Dandy, the All-American Girl/Sweet Revenge [Jerry Schatzberg]
1975 Death Riders [James Wilson]
1975 Obsession [Brian De Palma]
1976 Close Encounters of the Third Kind [Steven Spielberg]
1976 The Last Waltz [Martin Scorsese]
1976 Winter Kills [William Richert]
1977 A Wedding [Robert Altman]
1977 The Deer Hunter [Michael Cimino]
1978 The Rose [Mark Rydell]
1979 Heaven's Gate/Johnson County Wars [Michael Cimino]
1980 Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Special Edition [Steven Spielberg]
1980 Blow Out [Brian De Palma]
1981 The Border [Tony Richardson]
1981 Jinxed! [Don Siegel]
1982 Table for Five [Robert Lieberman]
1983 The River [Mark Rydell]
1984 No Small Affair [Jerry Schatzberg]
1985 Real Genius [Martha Coolidge]
1987 The Witches of Eastwick [George Miller]
1988 Journey to Spirit Island [László Pal] c
1988 Fat Man and Little Boy/Shadow Makers [Roland Joffé]
1989 The Two Jakes [Jack Nicholson]
1990 Scared of Guns [Alan Bloom]
1990 The Bonfire of the Vanities [Brian De Palma]
1992 Sliver [Phillip Noyce]
1992 Intersection [Mark Rydell]
1993 Maverick [Richard Donner]
1994 The Crossing Guard [Sean Penn]
1995 Assassins/Day of Reckoning [Richard Donner]
1995 The Ghost and the Darkness [Stephen Hopkins]
1995 Porthole to Paradise [Ivan Passer]
1997 Fantasy for a New Age [Richard Caesar]
1998 Illegal Music [Zane Zidel]
1998 Playing By Heart/Intermedia [Willard Carroll]
1999 Mr. Hughes [Brian De Palma]
1999 The Body [Jonas McCord]
2000 Life as a House [Irwin Winkler]
2001 Bánk Bán [Csaba Káel]
2002 Timeline [Richard Donner]
2002 Jersey Girl [Kevin Smith]
2003 Melinda and Melinda [Woody Allen]
2004 Surrender, Dorothy [Charles McDougall]
2005 The Black Dahlia [Brian De Palma]

"Michael Cimino"

"Gordon Willis"

"Harris Savides"


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