Plastique De Rêve

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HELLのGIGOLO、TIGAのTURBO、DAVID CARRETTAのSPACE FACTORY等で活動中のアーティスト。最近はDFAからもリリース。80年代から活動し、今もNEW WAVEスピリットな音を出している。トトロのネコバスのリミックスでも有名。スイスのジュネーブ在住。


Plastique De Rêve
Real name : Christophe 'Daze' Dasen
Electronic musician / producer / deejay / live performer from Geneva, Switzerland.

Born in 1970 in Canberra, Australia, I grew up in many different countries (Australia, Canada, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Kenya, Switzerland) till the age of 10, and then settled in Geneva, where I’ve lived, studied and worked until 2004. I now live and work in Berlin, Germany.

Fascinated by electronic sound since childhood (my parents listened to Kraftwerk, Vangelis, J.-M. Jarre, Tangerine Dream, …), I started learning and playing music at the age of six, electronic music and musical technology since 1984, in various music and art schools and on my own.

I've then produced electronic music across the 80s and 90s for many different projects (live gigs, deejaying, installations, performances, theatre, film, plastic arts) under various names, exploring a wide range of musical styles (electro-acoustic, experimental, ambient, electro, ebm, techno, acid, etc), and also conceived and realised sound installations and performances for contemporary art exhibitions. I started deejaying in 1997, after many years of only playing live.

Since 1999, I've released tracks and remixes on several very good labels (Gigolo, Turbo, Mental Groove, among others), becoming one of the pioneering names of the swiss electro scene and an active participant in Geneva, Zürich and Münich’s underground party scenes, and I’ve performed live or deejayed in many other cities and countries across the World.

I was also co-founder of Internet radio www.basic.ch, the first in Switzerland to broadcast exclusively on the Internet. Since 1998 up to 2005, I hosted an electronic music show with local and international guests. More than 150 archived 2 hour mixes on various themes and styles are still accessible 24/7, check them out.

I now live in Berlin, Germany, since 2004, working on different solo or collective projects, producing and remixing, deejaying, and enjoying life in the "capital" of boring minimal electronic music.

Labels : Gigolo, Turbo, Mental Groove, Supersoul, DFA, Kitty Yo, WMF Rec, Viking Music, 7B Records, Space Factory Disques, SSS, Helvet Underground, ...

Discography (short) :

1999 : Ural 13 Diktators « Diskossa » remix – Mental Groove 15
2000 : ?Syntax Error – Gigolo 52
2001 : « Heut’ Nacht Komm Ich Zu Dir » w. Crowdpleaser – WMF Rec 04
2002 : Rodéo Mécanique – Gigolo 91
2002 : Water Lilly « You Kiss » – Mental Groove 26
2003 : Lost In Kyoto – Mental Groove DA005
2003 : Do It ! – 7B Records 03
2004 : Plastique Mitte Crowd « The Night The Boy » – Berlin Inzest 03
2005 : The Sounds You Hear – Turbo 27
2005 : Voodoo Kit – 7B Records 08
2006 : Plastique De Lux – Mental Groove 52
2007 : Future Forward « Welcome 2 Chicago » remix – Kompute 16
2007 : Jeux Sans Frontières EP – Kitty Yo Cuts 012

Clubs : Zoo, Kab, Weetamix, Piping Club (Geneva), Ego City, Dachkantine, Zukunft, Rote Fabrik, Rohstofflager, Hive, Aera (Zürich), WMF, Cookies, Maria, Tresor, Watergate, Tape, 103 Club, Rio, Bar 25, Picknick, Doener Lounge (Berlin), Ultraschall, Pathos, Rote Sonne (Münich), Rex Club, Batofar, Tryptique (Paris), Lolita, Paloma (Barcelona), Optimo Sub Club, Art School, Club 69 (Glasgow), Soundstation (Liège), La Sala (Bogota), Galaxie, APT, Happy Valley (New York), Club Berlin, Kompute HQ (Chicago), I Love Neon, Parking (Montreal), ...

Plastique live gigs change every time, depending on whims and experiments of the moment, on different setups of equipment, toys, electronic drums, synths, vocoders etc, and on the live remixing of my own tracks with new samples and loops, fueling in many aspects of the last 20 years in electronic music into a personal blend of present day dancefloor electro-techno, with acid house, disco and breakdance influences, and an experimental touch.

Dj sets are mainly peak-time party electro-techno, with incursions into various other styles and eclectic influences (experimental, ebm, acid, acid house, detroit and european club techno, old school hip hop / breakdance, electronic disco, electro-pop, italo-disco etc), spiked with gems from a wide-range 20 years collection of electronic dance music records.



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