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. Biography :
DJ Domino is the first trance female DJ to be recognized all over the world. Her dynamic, energetic DJ style is filled with beautiful melodies which gets her into a trance dance herself while playing. She has an innate ability to create a mysterious atmosphere while bringing people together on the dance floor. Domino was born in England in 1972. Her exotic appearance is a result of her West Indian, Chinese and British ancestory. Domino was raised in Goa, India from when she was five by her mother. Goa, India is the spiritual origin of trance music similar to Ibiza, Spain. People from all over the world have gone to Goa seeking creativity, and freedom in every way, finding their inner-selves , or just simply to dance to trance music in the nature.... Naturally, Domino was influenced at a very young age by all kinds of electronic music like Front 242, Yellow, The The, Kraftwork, Nitzer Ebb and many others. Domino was scouted as a model during her teenage years and modeled swimwear and expensive designer wear for a Swiss magazine called "Living in Zurich". She thought she could do something more challenging and decided to become a DJ at the age of eighteen. Surprisingly, she began mixing tracks with a walkman and making many mix tapes for her friends. She began collecting all kinds of music like Voodoo People, Juno Reactor, Hallucinogen, Eat Static and Resistance D. Eventually, Mike Maguire from Juno Reactor heard Domino play in Goa and was astonished. In 1991, Domino decided to go and explore more of Europe and ended up in England as a dance performer for Eat Static at the famous Brixton Academy and other clubs. After performing a couple of times for Eat Static, Domino kept Djing and Mike Maguire gave her an incredible opportunity. 1995 was Domino's overseas DJ debut in England with Juno Reactor (Ben Watkins, Mike Maguire, and Paul Jackson). She was the opening DJ for the event and used her walkman at the time. She got such an amazing feedback from the crowd they decided to tour together for the year in England, France and Greece.. In 1996, DJ Domino played in Yokohama, Japan for the first time at an Equinox sposored party at Yokohama Bay Hall. At first people didn't know what to expect from a female DJ but gradually when Domino started playing the music began to swell, the crowd started to roar and people danced, their hearts pounding. The whole party lifted into a unified force. Since that time , the Japanese people and culture have captured Domino's heart. A message from Domino, " The Japanese People are warm hearted and full of energy on the dance floor. I think I get the most energy playing here in Japan. I also love shopping here because you can get unusual things. I have made a lot of great friends here in Japan." In 1997 DJ Domino's first mix CD, EQ001, was released from Equinox in Japan. Since then, she has been playing all over the world in Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Holland(Amsterdam), India(Bombay, Bangalore), Israel, Japan, Portugal, Spain (Ibiza), and the United States (New York and Los Angeles). DJ Domino also played in open air festivals like the Antaris(Germany), Boom festival (Portugal) and Equinox (Japan). In 2000 DJ Domino's second mix CD, EQ011, was releasd from Equinox in Japan. Domino also wanted to give more opportunities and confidence to other female artists and DJ's in the art scene so she created a new project with other female organizers involving only female artists, VJ's, decoration and PA. Since then she has organized three female events, all of them resulting in big successes. This has not only given female artists confidence but also shown people there is something more important, which is "love" A female who was brought up in the so called "sacred place of trance music" is now giving full energy, strength and love to the world.

イギリスで生まれ、5歳の時からインドのゴアで母親に育てられたDominoは、18歳でDJとしてのキャリアをスタートさせる。1991年からイギリスに滞在し、DJの経験を積み重ね、1995年にJuno Reactorと共にイギリス、フランス、ギリシアでツアーをまわり、オープニングDJをつとめる。翌年、初来日したDominoはヨコハマ・ベイホールでプレイし、日本での人気を一気に得た。その後、世界中でDJ プレイを展開している。その他彼女は、アートシーンの中で女性アーティストやDJのためにより大きく扉を広げようと、他の女性オーガナイザーと協力して、全て女性だけで作り上げる新しいプロジェクトを立ち上げどれも大きな成功を収めている。本当のダンシングトランスを体現する彼女のプレイで踊りまくろう。


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