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Mechademia is a series of books in English on creative and critical work devoted to anime, manga and the fan arts in a collection of essays, articles and images published by the University of Minnesota Press. Manga, anime and related fan arts are linked through their specific but complex aesthetic but they have influenced a broad manifestation in contemporary and historical culture through design, art, film, and gaming. This series seeks to examine, discuss, theorize and reveal the complex and unique style through its historic Japanese origins to its ubiquitous global presence in popular and gallery culture. Each book’s identity is structured around a theme that refers to a narrative aspect found in anime and manga, but is sufficiently broad in its interpretation and provocative in its suggestion to allow for creative and insightful investigations of this global artistic phenomenon.

Mechademia's goal is to promote critical thinking, writing and creative activity that can bridge the current gap between professional, academic, and fan communities and discourses. At the same time, the goal also is to recognize the increasing and enriching merger in the artistic and cultural exchange between Asian and Western cultures. To this end, we seek contributions in a variety of formats, by artists and authors from a wide range of backgrounds and fields. Contributors endeavor to write across disciplinary boundaries, presenting their unique knowledge in all its sophistication, but with a broad audience in mind.

The first book, “Worlds of Anime and Manga,” currently available, features works that highlight the nexus of arts, histories, groups, practices, and fields of knowledge, that have created the virtual and artistic worlds of anime and manga. Taken from both Asian and Western sources, these essays and images connect these particular arts and aesthetics to broader practices of theoretical, historical and social considerations and celebrate their unexpected richness, beauty and fascination. The centerpiece is a sample of the rare and unique color manga works of Mori Minoru, a manga master from the mid-twentieth century not seen before in the West.

The theme of the second book is “Networks of Desire." These two concepts will be interpreted liberally and creatively: networks are technological, social, economic, historical, aesthetic, and literary; desire embraces not only physical desire but also consumption and gratification, nostalgic longing, political yearning, and existential hunger. Essays explore the various ways that Asian art has revealed the multitudinous subtlety of desire in representation: in image, narrative, and theory. This book is in production and will appear in Fall of 2007.

The theme of the third book is “Limits of the Human." This theme acknowledges the diverse and varied manifestations of anxieties around a definition of the human that are currently under radical reinterpretations from technological, medical, narrative, and aesthetic practices that are evidenced in anime and manga in particular and unique ways. Still under consideration, elements might include the work of Takahashi Murakami, Lee Bul and other artists whose work in this aesthetic address the limits of the human in identity and form. The deadline for this book has passed and it will appear in the Fall of 2008.

The next two issues and their submission deadlines are as follows:
Mechademia 4: War/Time submissions due January 1, 2008
Mechademia 5: Masculinities submissions due January 1, 2009

Senda all submissions and inquiries to: www.mechademia.org


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