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ドイツのメロディックデスメタルバンドSOUL DEMISEのコミュニティ。

++ Official Site ++

++ Biography ++
Inhumanity got a new name!

Autumn Anno 1994 sees an early incarnation of SOUL DEMISE (then monickered INHUMAN) and the release of the demo "Incantation". The demo garners the band a good reputation and a strong foundation. In 1996 - after almost a two year growth/writing period, the band emerges with their Death/Thrash debut in form of the album "Inner Fears". This garners the band much critical acclaim and the group supports the record with over 150 live appearances and tour alongside the likes of Vader, Morbid Angel and Dying Fetus throughout 1997 and will into 1998. The band is greeted with a great live response and establishes themselves as not only a "studio outfit", but also a "live act" to be reckoned with! The year does drift winds of change the band´s way however, and the band name is changed to SOUL DEMISE due to several other acts appearing with the INHUMAN tag. SOUL DEMISE decides to prove to the world that a name change does not necessarily affect the quality of the music and release the MCD "Farewell to the Flesh" as a proof. The band again supports its release with even more killer live shows and tour alongside genre greats such as Krisiun, Deranged and Soilwork. The new Metal Millenium of 2000 sees the band regrouping forces and once again entering into the Swedish Berno Studios (The Haunted, Defleshed, Deranged and more). The record "Beyond Human Conception" is the result and is released via Gutter Records. SOUL DEMISE yet again upholds their live reputation and assaults live audiences alongside Metal kings Deströyer 666, Immolation and Decapitated appearing throughout the year 2000 and into 2001. The year does not go by without a hitch however and the band sees the departure of long-time vocalist Jürgen "Eumel" Aumann. SOUL DEMISE does not lose any steam though and quickly replace the vocalist with the equally talented Roman Zimmerhackel. SOUL DEMISE even grow stronger in this new incarnation and appear on two successive tours with genre legends NAPALM DEATH to massive response. In the meantime they manage to once again return to Berno Studios and records their newest offerings in the creation of "In Vain" (which for the third time is graced by the awesome artwork of Michael Schindler of Dragon Graphics). This recordings leads them to the Extreme Musical Entity known as Season Of Mist and a metallic union is forged. April 2004 sees SOUL DEMISE entering Hansen Studios in Denmark to record the follow up for "In Vain": Most important, 2005 saw the release of the new record "Blind", followed up by shows on Festivals like the Partysan Festival, the Kaltenbach Festival in Austria or the Metal Bash Festival near Hamburg (which is Remedy/the band labels own festival). The End of 2005 had Roland Jahoda, the drummer of Soul Demise, leaving the band for personal reasons (all the best for your future Roland!).

2006 is "the year of songwriting" for the band and Soul Demise are actually planing to enter a studio in late 2006 to record a new - yet untitled - record. Be prepared!

++ Current Line-UP ++
Roman Zimmerhackel - vocals
Andreas Schuhmeier - guitar/backing vocals
Alex Hagenauer - guitar
Thomas Gschwendner - bass

++ Release ++
『Inner Fears』1996年
『Farewell To The Flesh』1998年

『Beyond Human Perception』2000年
『In Vain』2002年



参加メンバー 13人