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詳細 2018年10月9日 11:28更新

AFTER FOREVER(アフター・フォーエバー)のコミュニティです。

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#AFTER FOREVERはしばらく活動休止するとのことです。


Dear fans,

as you might have noticed, After Forever experienced a lot in 2007.

A new deal with Nuclear Blast and The Entertainment Group, the release of a new album, gigs in Europe and the U.S.A./Canada, all thanks to your support.

Unfortunately, 2007 also had a negative side. Sander experienced the symtoms of a burn-out and had to stop playing with After Forever for a few months.

After Forever did a good job doing the scheduled gigs with mainly George (ex- Orphanage) as grunter, making possible the album could still be promoted.

After that, a European and an American/Canadian tour followed, with Sander this time, and his condition seemed to be ok.

Unfortunately, just recently, Sander fell victim to a seizure attack in an airplane, and after research that attack seemed to be stress related.

The doctors think this is a very serious matter, and they strongly advised him to not be involved with any After Forever activity for at least a year, to prevent a worse health situation.

Because Sander is one of the formers, songwriter and co manager of After Forever, an After Forever without him is no option.

The band has been able to solve his absence in 2007 live, but another year full of compromises would not be positive for the quality After Forever wants to offer.

After Forever is a band that wants to give 100% and that's just not possible now.

With pain in our hearts, we had to decide that After Forever has to take a break of at least a year and hope you will all repect that.

It's terrible not to be able to do all the great gigs and activities we were planning, but it's even worse for After Forever to do those things with a compromise.

We highly value everything the band has achieved, and we don't want to lose that.

We also realise we ask a lot of our fans since we know what our gigs and music means to them.

However, we will all still be active in the music scene. Because of this break everybody gets the chance to focus on projects.

On our site and myspace sites we'll keep you updated about those projects.

Not a very good start of the year, but thanks a lot for all your support and understanding, for now, for the future, but also for the past year.

We won't forget you and hope to meet you again if After Forever returns in full shape!!!

Floor, Sander, Bas, Joost, Luuk and Andre


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