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I live in Innsbruck, a small town with about 120.000 inhabitants located in the west of Austria.

A travel to Praha in the year 1995 arouse my interest in graffiti. At this time one couldn’t see a lot of graffiti in the town of innsbruck but praha was totally colourful. That impressed me quite a lot. It was something totally new to me and I just wondered how it can be done. Since this time I started to sketch frequently and in the beginning of 1996 I did my first pieces with spraypaint on a legal wall in the garden of my grandparents.

For the next months I almost only focused on sketching and the number of pieces I did on walls was rather low. I coudn't afford to buy paint that often and there weren't to much oportunities to get a permission to paint a wall. In 1997/98 this started to change and I began to paint on walls more frequently. Due to some arangments with youthcenters I got more possibilities to paint. They offered me some walls and sometimes even paid the colors. Furthermore the city-council gave graffiti-writers a permanent permission for a nice wall near the city center in 1999. When they realized that the use of this wall developed rather good they opened even more walls for public painting.

Through the time I focused on various different types of style. I started with very traditional letter-based graffiti-styles but I soon found out that I wanted to do something new. So I dedicated myself to 3d- styles for some time which helped me quite a lot to increase my technics. By the time I also got bored of doing 3d-styles and again started to search for a new challenge.

I already did sketches with more free and abstract stuff without any letters for quite a while. So I decided to try to transfer this organic works on walls. Since I started to practice this I just cant stop. Improvising and painting without sketches became a very important part of my work. I really enjoy this free way of painting and I just don’t want to miss this possibility to express myself.

By the time painting became a very important part of my life and it also opened my mind for other artforms and technics like for example acrylics, oilpaint and silkprint. In addition to this I also started to do commercial jobs for various companies and to sell canvases. Furthermore I got the chance to participate in various exhibitions in Austria and other countries.

With my work I want to show people that graffiti doesn't have to be destructive vandalism. I strictly work on a legal base and my aim is to show that spraypaint can also be used in a creative and productive way that can be considered as an artform.

So lay back and enjoy!
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