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ocean trax

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詳細 2007年6月4日 04:26更新





DJ Gianni bini
DJ paolo martini
Vo deanna
SE east town
Vo Romina johnson
Dj Unit PestaBoys
Vo pepper mashay
Dj Sam paganini
Dj balake olrenzo giannecchini

Italian house tech house funky
URL http://www.oceantrax.com needsFlash

●ociantrax disco graphy--------------------------
001 House Of Glass feat. Judy Albanese
-Take me over
002 Skilled work
-Music is free
003 House Of Glass
-Do whatcha feel
004 Love Solution project
-Naked in the rain disc 1
005 Love Solution project
-Naked in the rain disc 2
006 Bini & Martini feat. Romina Johnson
- Dancing with you
007 Azure
-Mama used to say
008 Martini & Hardcorey
009 Summer madness e.p.
-various artists
010 Bini & Martini feat. Romina Johnson
011HouseOfGlassfeat. Pepper Mashay
-Playin' with my mind
012 Dazed
013 The Age
-So you wanna be a star
014 Autumn Vibez e.p.
-various artists
015 Funk connection
-The hill
016 SubSystem feat. Pepper Mashay
-Right back to love (Kamasutra+Bini&Martini mixes)
017 Ocean Trax e.p.
-various artists
018 Eclipse
-Makes me love you
019 Romina Johnson feat. Norma Jean&Lucy Martini
-My forbidden lover
020 Eclipse
-Makes me love you (Richard F+Funk Force+B&Mmixes)
021 Fluid
-Hot fluid
022 East town feat. D.Sion
-How deep is your love (original+Pasta Boys mixes)
023 DJ@K Floyd pres. Spotlight Avenue
-Get together
024 Pasta Boys
-The lost groove
025 Bini & Martini
026 House of Glass feat. Giorgio Giordano
-Disco down
027 Bini & Martini
-Happiness (Morales mixes)
028 Winter melodies e.p.
029 Soul provider
030 The Goodfellas
-Soul heaven (Double mix)
031 SubSystem feat. Lisa Millett
-Best of me
032 Intrallazzi & Fratty feat. Joanne
033 The Goodfellas
-Soul Heaven (Single pack)
034 House of Glass feat. G,Giordano
-Disco Down (Unreleased+Jeremy B. Mixes)
035 Power Flower e.p.
036 The Groovelines
037 Milk & Sugar
-Higher & Higher(Limited DJ Double pack)
038 Bini+Martini
-Burning up (Sandy Rivera mixes)
039 Piparo feat. Cheryl Porter
-Don’t leave me (Original mixes)
040 Milk & Sugar
-Higher & Higher (Single part 1)
041 Milk & Sugar
-Higher & Higher (Single part 2)
042 Piparo feat. Cheryl Porter
-Don’t leave me (Bini&Martini mixes)
043 East Town
-Come to me
044 Bini + Martini
-Burning up (Double mix)
045 Intrallazzi & Fratty
-The love (l'amour)
046 Koka'
-Today (Unreleased)
047 The Goodfellas
-All night (Singolo)
048 Byron Stingily feat. Leee John
-U turn me(Bini & Martini mixes)
049 Soul Provider
-Rise(B+M-MAS Collective-R.Montanari mixes)
050 Soul Provider
-Rise(Steve Lawler-R.Montanari mixes)
051 The Goodfellas
-All night (Double/Bini+Martini&Pasta Boys mixes)
052 Tognarelli & Tomei pres. Sound Set
-Give it up
053 Power Flower ep vol. 2
054 High Society feat. Taka Boom
-Pick me up I'll dance (Double mix)
055 Vicious Circle
-Money time
056 Summer Sampler 2001
-Various artists
057 Unreleased mixes & Acappellas
058 In@Fra
-Summer Brazil
059 Eclipse
-The Music
060 Monobros
-The Body
061 Disconnection feat.Sabrynaah Pope
062 Cevin Fisher
-Lovingyou[WhenItComesTo](Bini&Martini mix)
063 Intrallazzi & Fratty
-Indian Vibez
064 Brancaccio & Aisher
-It’s gonna be (A lovely day)
065 Ocean Trax records pres.
-ADA event
066 Paul of Paper feat. Gerideau
-Our love
067 Monobros
-The funk
068 Marisa Turner
-What I want
069 Eclipse
-The Music
070 Power Flower EP vol. 3
071 Feela
-Sweet temptation (Bini & Martini remixes)
072 Lenny Fontana feat. Daryl D'Bonneau
-Can we do it
073 Secret Man
-The message
074 Never Trust a Dj
-Feel the fire
075 Jack Floyd
-Follow your feeling
076 Play Boys
-Surelian blue
077 Goodfellas
-All night (DJ Spen & Karisma mixes)
078 Memi & Ryo
-On the dancefloor
079 Low Light
-Time has to come
080 Bini & Martini feat Su Su Bobien
-Say yes
081 Eclipse
-Take me down (6 uderground)
082 Get This!
-Ya underwea


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