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Robert John "Mutt" Lange

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スーパーSUGAR ON MEプロデューサー(笑)


♪Yeah! Ooo!

シャナイア・トゥエイン / ブライアン・アダムス
デフ・レパード / カーズ / マイケル・ボルトン
ヒューイ・ルイス / バックストリート・ボーイズ
ブリトニー・スピアーズ / ハート / フォリナー
コアーズ / スターシップ / ビリー・オーシャン


Produced albums
Albums on which Lange produced at least 3 tracks

City Boy 「City Boy」1976
City Boy 「Dinner at the Ritz」1976
Graham Parker 「Heat Treatment」1976
Supercharge 「Local Lads Make Good」1976
City Boy 「Young Men Gone West」1977
Clover 「Love On The Wire」1977
Clover 「Unavailable」1977
Supercharge 「Horizontal Refreshment」1977
The Boomtown Rats 「The Boomtown Rats」1977
The Rumour 「Max」1977
City Boy 「Book Early」1978
The Outlaws 「Playin' to Win」1978
The Boomtown Rats 「A Tonic for the Troops」1978
Deaf School 「English Boys/Working Girls」1978
City Boy 「The Day the Earth Caught Fire」1979
The Records 「Shades In Bed」1979
Supercharge 「Body Rhythm」1979
The Boomtown Rats 「The Fine Art of Surfacing」1979
AC/DC 「Highway to Hell」1979
Broken Home 「Broken Home」1979
AC/DC 「Back in Black」1980
AC/DC 「For Those About to Rock We Salute You」1981
Def Leppard 「High 'N' Dry」1981
Foreigner 「4」1981
Def Leppard 「Pyromania」1983
The Cars 「Heartbeat City」1984
Def Leppard 「Hysteria」1987
Romeo's Daughter 「Romeo's Daughter」1988
Billy Ocean 「Tear Down These Walls」1989
Bryan Adams 「Waking up the Neighbours」1991
Def Leppard 「Adrenalize」(executive producer)1992
Stevie Vann 「Stevie Vann」1995
Bryan Adams 「18 'Til I Die」1996
Shania Twain 「The Woman in Me」1995
Shania Twain 「Come on Over」1997
The Corrs 「In Blue」2000
Shania Twain 「Up!」2002
Shania Twain 「Greatest Hits」2004
Nickelback 「Dark Horse」2008

Produced album tracks
Albums on which Lange produced at least one track:

Stephen 「Right On Running Man」1974/5
Huey Lewis and the News 「Do You Believe in Love」Picture This, 1982
Billy Ocean 「Suddenly」1984
Billy Ocean 「Love Zone」1986
Eddie Money 「Heaven in the Back Seat」Right Here, 1991
Celine Dion 「All The Way...A Decade Of Song」1999
Backstreet Boys 「Millenium」1999
Britney Spears 「Oops!... I Did It Again」2000
Celine Dion 「A New Day Has Come」2002
Bryan Adams 「Room Service」 2004

Album tracks written or co-written
Jessica Andrews 「I'll Take Your Heart」from Heart Shaped World, 1999
Blackhawk 「I'm Not Strong Enough To Say No」from Strong Enough, 1995
Billy Ray Cyrus 「Only God (Could Stop Me Loving You)」from Storm in the Heartland, 1994
Diamond Rio 「I Thought I'd Seen Everything」from Unbelievable, 1998
Emerson Drive 「Only God (Could Stop Me Loving You)」 from Emerson Drive, 2002
Starship 「I Didn't Mean To Stay All Night」from Love Among The Cannibals, 1989
Heart 「Wild Child」「All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You」from Brigade, 1990
Heart 「Will You Be There (In The Morning)」from Desire Walks On, 1993
Huey Lewis and the News 「Do You Believe In Love」from Picture This, 1982
Huey Lewis and the News 「It Hit Me Like a Hammer」from Hard at Play, 1991
Lonestar 「You Walked In」from Crazy Nights, 1997
Loverboy 「Lovin' Every Minute of It」from Lovin' Every Minute of It, 1985
Reba McEntire 「I'll Take Your Heart」from Moments And Memories - The Best Of Reba (Australia) (Australian release only), 1998
Eddie Money 「Heaven In The Back Seat」from Right Here, 1991
PJ Powers 「(Let That) River Roll」from Thandeka Talk To Me, 2001
Chrissy Steele 「I Cry Myself To Sleep At Night」from Magnet To Steele, 1991
Steps 「Stay With Me Tonight」(recorded as "Stay With Me") from Step One, 1998
Bonnie Tyler 「I Cry Myself To Sleep At Night」from Angel Heart (album), 1992.
Lari White 「Only God (Could Stop Me Loving You)」from Stepping Stone, 1999 (duet w/ Toby Keith)
The Corrs 「Breathless」from In Blue
The Corrs 「All the Love in the World」from In Blue
The Corrs 「Irresistible」from In Blue
Foreigner 「Feels Like The First Time」

Grammy Awards
1991 「(Everything I Do) I Do It For You」 Best Song Written Specifically For A Motion Picture Or For Television
1995 「The Woman In Me」 Best Country Album
1998 「You're Still the One」 Best Country Song
1999 「Come on Over」 Best Country Song


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