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Moss TENTS / モス・テント

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〜History of "Moss TENTS"〜

Bill and Marilyn Moss founded the company in 1975 in Camden, Maine, as Moss Tent Works.

Jacques Cousteau slept in a Moss tent on an expedition to Easter Island. Sherpas and international climbers trekked Moss tents up the Himalayas. Saudi Arabian royalty deployed Moss tents against the desert sun. And thousands of Americans loved their prize examples of Moss fabric architecture.

Moss backpacking tents were the acknowledged best in the world.

In 1983, Moss began applying its skills, its painstaking standards, and its unmatched know-how in designing and manufacturing strong, lightweight, frame-and-fabric structures to a brand-new enterprise―creating exhibit structures for the trade show industry.

Moss literally invented tension fabric exhibitry. Indeed, the departure was so successful that it soon eclipsed tentmaking. In 1994, the company sold its tent division to focus on its burgeoning trade show business, and in 1995 it moved a few miles up the coast to larger quarters in Belfast. Soon, work for museums, shopping malls, and other public spaces added to the company's rapid growth.

The company earned the Maine Governor's Award for Business Excellence in 1998, and in 2000, it received the Eagle Feather Award, the highest honor conferred by Maine Businesses for Social Responsibility.

In 2002, with funding from its majority shareholder, The Riverside Company, Moss acquired Exhibit Architecture Inc. to create a new company and a new standard of quality, service, and value for the worldwide trade show industry and for architectural, events, and promotional markets.

Just as Moss began in another industry, Jennifer Elliott established Studio Stitchers in 1988 to provide on-set wardrobe services for movies shot in the Chicago area. Aaron Helfman purchased the company in 1994 and guided its rapid ascent to a top-tier provider of banners and frame & fabric displays, with an especially strong line of standard shapes. The name Exhibit Architecture replaced Studio Stitchers in 2001 to better reflect the company’s purpose and products.

With manufacturing facilities in Maine and in the Chicago area, the combined new Moss is the world’s largest and most comprehensive manufacturer of aluminum and fabric display products.

Moss Inc. - The world's best fabric architecture.

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