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The Korea Salsa Congress News

Korea Salsa Congress organization committee

The 5th Korea Salsa Congress 2007 official information

We are expecting for many of you to get interested and participate in the Korea Salsa Congress and want you to spend wonderful summertime with Korea Salsa Congress.

1. Date : June 29 ~ July 1, 2007
2. Venue : Melon Ax
3. Program
1) Korea International Salsa Championship
Korea International Salsa Championship is for selecting Korean representative who will participate in the 3rd world Salsa championship which will be held in Disney World Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando in the US during Dec 12~16, 2007.
The competition will constitute “Team category” and “Couple category” and this competition is OPEN to anyone can enter regardless of his or her nationality.
The 4th Korea International Salsa Championship in this year will be very competitive and lively by high-competent Korean and World Salsa teams.

2) Shows
1. Korea Salsa All Star Show
: Top 20 Korea Salsa dancers’ performance
2. World Salsa All Star Show
: World Famous 10 Salsa Teams’ invitation performance
3. World Salsa Champion Show
: 2005, 2006 World Salsa Championship prize winners’ invitation performance

3) Workshop
There will be high standard workshops taught by 20 world class instructors on Saturday and Sunday.

4) Party
The Salsa party that you can burn with your passion with around 2,000 Salseras & Salseroes.
The most advanced lights and sound system in Melon Ax will provide you fantastic salsa experience.

5) Welcome Party
You can meet invitation dancers from all of the world and the participants of championship.
It will be the best party you’ve ever had with excitement of congress.

4. Performers
You will have the opportunity to watch spectacular dance showcases comprised of the best and
hottest local and international dance groups from around the world.
1) Dancer & Instructor
Al & Kara (USA)
Oliver & Luda (Austrailia) - 2005, 2006 consecutive winners of ON2 division
Emile & Junior (USA) - 2005, 2006 ranked 2nd in ON2 division
Kelvin & Licelott (Puertorico & Venezuela ) - 2006 winners of Cabaret division
John & Judy (Columbia) - 2006 took 2nd place in Cabaret division
Magna (Canada)
Ryoko & Ryu (Japan)
Yamule (USA)
Vitor & Gaby (Mexico)

2) DJ
Michell (HK)
Rodrigo (Japan)
Linen (Korea)
Ricky (Korea)
Freeman (Korea)

3) MC
Spin Lee
Albert torres
Meceo Pambrock

5. Hotel : Sheraton Walkerhill
Sheraton Walkerhill is one of the best hotels in Korea. It has Walkerhill casiono, Seoul’s only fully equipped gaming facilities and other subsidiary facilities such as health club, duty free and etc. The hotel will take you into comfortable and pleasant accommodation. We want you to hurry to make a reservation in a reason there aren’t enough rooms. You can only book the room through Korea Salsa Congress organization committee. (Except for telephone available area of Japan)
Traveler From Japan Hotel & Air Reservation
Global tour Tokyo Brach - TEL 03)3453-9906

6. Venue : Melon Ax
Melon Ax is multi-functional and specialized live house and it is available for the maximum 2,200 people. The best sound and lights system in Korea will make a deep impression on the audience and participants as well.

7. Price for congress tickets and hotel
KSC Full pass – \ 100, 000 (2day workshops + 2day congress performances & parties)
KSC Half pass _ \ 80,000 (1day workshop + 1day congress performance & party)
KSC Party pass - \ 50,000 (2day congress performances & parties)
KSC workshop pass - \ 50,000 (1day workshop)
KSC Evening ticket - \30,000 (1day congress performance & party)
KSC Celebrate Evening party ticket - \20,000

One Twin or Double Room per a One Day \ 110.000
(Not Including TAX & Service charge)

8. Contact us
Website : www. Koreasalsa.com (coming soon in May)
E-mail : info@koreasala.com
Mobile: 82-11-9727-1030


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