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▼Current Member▼
■Mat Devine (April 16, 1974 - ), vocals, guitar
■Jonathan Radtke (September 17, 1982 - ), guitar
■Dan Wiese (February 12, 1976 - ) guitar
■Greg Corner (June 21, 1974 - ) bass
■Garret Hammond - drums

Kill Hannah was formed by singer-songwriter Mat Devine in 1994. Between 1996 and 2003, Kill Hannah self-released eight LPs, singles and EPs independently -- All of which quickly sold out of multiple pressings.

The ex-girlfriend of lead singer, Mat Devine, is the band's namesake. The two met at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois during Mat's single semester there. The two developed an intense and strange relationship, which ended in the same fashion. At the time, Mat was singing and playing guitar in a band called "In a Jar UK". After the fallout with Hannah, Mat printed up stickers to place on "In a Jar UK" 7" records bearing the name "Kill Hannah". Several hundred un-stickered versions are known to exist, with approximately 20 bearing the Kill Hannah sticker.

Kill Hannah recorded their Atlantic Records debut For Never and Ever in Los Angeles in the winter of 2003 with producer Sean Beavan (No Doubt, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails) and mixer Tim Palmer (U2, The Cure, Tears for Fears). The album was mostly re-recorded versions of back-catalog songs and numbers that had been performed live for about a year prior. The song "Kennedy" received a modest amount of radio play, and the band shot video for the song "Unwanted" but decided not to release it until 2006 as an Internet-only clip.

Through much of 2003 and 2004, Kill Hannah has toured separately with Chevelle, HIM, and The Sounds, while also opening for Evanescence, Jane's Addiction, Everclear, Eve 6, The All-American Rejects, Fuel, P.O.D., The Distillers, Story of the Year, Three Days Grace, Alien Ant Farm, The Buzzcocks, Andrew WK, Trapt, and many others. The single "Kennedy" debuted at #2 on modern rock radio, was performed on "Last Call with Carson Daly", and featured on such hit television shows as Jack & Bobby, One Tree Hill, and North Shore.

Kill Hannah signed with Atlantic Records in late 2002, and are currently heading a tour with Shiny Toy Guns and Clear Static. In June 2006, Kill Hannah begins a support role on tour with Mindless Self Indulgence. The band has finished recording their second album for Atlantic Records, scheduled for release in August 2006.

▼quote from "Chicago Original City Guide -CENTERSTAGE-" ▼
Equipped with cryptic, dreamy lyrics, the "new wave-ish" pop band Kill Hannah evokes memories of Meat is Murder stickers on my high school locker and staying up late to watch new Cure videos on MTV's 120 minutes. Kill Hannah (Update) In fact, with their tight rhythms, driving guitars (Kerry Finnerty used to be in Certain Distant Suns) and faux British accent, this babyfaced Chicago quintet is not unlike the post-Japanese Whispers, pre Disintegration Robert Smith & Co.

Q101's James Van Osdol says, "I like them a lot, for many reasons. One of which being [that] they don't sound like anyone else right now. They are a total breath of fresh air, and I won't be surprised if they become the sleeper band in Chicago. I can see them getting snapped up quite easily."

Several recent setbacks (including the death of their drummer in December, 1996) have kept Kill Hannah from playing out much recently. However, a couple of talented producers are vying for the right to work on their next album, and most of the band members have recently graduated from Columbia College, which leaves them plenty of time to pursue their musical interests.


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