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28th April 2006

After what seems like an endless series of delays and disappointments we are
at last about to re-launch the Synthis for a final production run and this
will last 2-3 years with a total run of about 60-80 units (Synthi As and VCS3s).

We have almost completed sourcing all the parts to begin production but have yet
to carry out a long overdue recosting exercise. We think the Synthi A should be
about 2100 UKP and the VCS3 2300 UKP, but these figures are only guesswork at
the moment. Note that we don't currently offer a keyboard so external control
needs to be via CV/MIDI.

The next 2/3 months will be a critical period which should see the whole process
solidify, with the first units being completed.

There is already a long waiting list for both products and anyone joining now
should expect a delay of about 18 months before delivery. If you wish to get on
the list please send a cheque for 150 UK pounds (or 250 USD) made out to EMS. No
attempt will be made to cash or bank this cheque by us so don't send a bank
draft or cashiers cheque which will immediately debit your account. Note that
the Synthi A waiting list is already over-subscribed so there is no guarantee
that someone joining the waiting list now will eventually receive a unit. VCS3s
are not subject to this uncertainty.

Giving a firm lead-time for orders is still very difficult, until we
actually have some steady movement of completed units and I don't want to
underestimate it only to cause more disappointment further down the line.

Best wishes - Robin Wood