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joey baron is an american avant-garde jazz drummer.


as leader.

・Tongue in Groove (JMT, 1992)
・RAIsedpleasuredot (New World, 1993)
・Crackshot (Avant, 1995)
・Down Home (Intuition, 1997)
・We'll Soon Find Out (Intuition, 1999)
・Beyond (Auditorium, 2001)
・Venice, Dal Vivo (D'Autres Cordes, 2010)

as sideman.

Bill Frisell
・Lookout for Hope (ECM, 1988)
・Before We Were Born‎ (Elektra/Musician, 1989)
・Is That You?‎ (Elektra Nonesuch, 1990)
・Where in the World?‎ (Elektra Nonesuch, 1991)
・Have a Little Faith ‎(Elektra Nonesuch, 1992)
・This Land‎ (Elektra Nonesuch, 1993)
・Go West: Music for the Films of Buster Keaton‎ (Elektra Nonesuch, 1995)
・The High Sign/One Week‎ (Elektra Nonesuch, 1995)
・Live‎ (Gramavision, 1995)

Carmen McRae
・Live at Ronnie Scott's (Pye, 1977)

Dave Douglas
・In Our Lifetime‎ (New World, 1994)
・Stargazer‎ (Arabesque, 1996)
・Soul on Soul‎ (RCA, 2000)
・Freak In‎ (RCA Bluebird, 2003)

David Bowie
・Outside (Arista/BMG, 1995)

Enrico Pieranunzi
・New Lands (Timeless, 1984)
・Deep Down (Soul Note, 1986)
・Play Morricone (CamJazz, 2001)
・Current Conditions (CamJazz, 2003)
・Play Morricone 2 (CamJazz, 2003)
・Ballads (CamJazz, 2006)
・Live in Japan (CamJazz, 2007)
・As Never Before (CamJazz, 2008)

Fred Frith
・Allies‎ (RecRec, 1996)

Fred Hersch
・Sarabande (SunnySide, 1987)

Haino Keiji
・An Unclear Trial: More Than This (Avant, 1998)

Jim Hall
・These Rooms (Columbia, 1988)
・Hemispheres (ArtistShare, 2008) with Bill Frisell
・Conversations (ArtistShare, 2009)

Joe Lovano
・Flights of Fancy: Trio Fascination Edition Two (Blue Note, 2000)

John Abercrombie
・Cat 'n' Mouse (ECM, 2000)
・Class Trip (ECM, 2003)
・The Third Quartet (ECM, 2006)
・Wait Till You See Her (ECM, 2008)
・Within a Song (ECM, 2012)

John Scofield
・Grace Under Pressure‎ (Blue Note, 1992)

John Taylor
・Rosslyn (ECM, 2003)

John Zorn
・The Big Gundown‎ (Icon, 1985)
・Spy vs Spy‎ (Elektra/Musician, 1989)
・Naked City‎ (Elektra Nonesuch, 1989) with Naked City
・Torture Garden (Shimmy Disc, 1990) with Naked City
・Grand Guignol ‎ (Avant, 1992) with Naked City
・Heretic (Avant, 1992) with Naked City
・Leng Tch'e (Toy's Factory, 1992) with Naked City
・Radio (Avant, 1993) with Naked City
・Absinthe‎ (Avant, 1993) with Naked City
・Masada: Alef‎ (DIW, 1994) with Masada
・Masada: Beit‎ (DIW, 1994) with Masada
・Masada: Gimel ‎(DIW, 1994) with Masada
・Masada Live, NYC, 1994‎ (Jazz Door, 1994)
・Masada: Dalet‎ (DIW, 1995) with Masada
・Masada: Hei‎ (DIW, 1995) with Masada
・Masada: Vav (DIW, 1995) with Masada
・Filmworks III: 1990–1995‎ (Toys Factory, 1996)
・Masada: Zayin‎ (DIW, 1996) with Masada
・Masada: Het‎ (DIW, 1997) with Masada
・Masada: Tet‎ (DIW, 1997) with Masada
・Masada: Yod‎ (DIW, 1997) with Masada
・Filmworks IV: S&M + More‎ (Tzadik, 1997)
・New Traditions in East Asian Bar Bands‎ (Tzadik, 1997)
・The Circle Maker ‎ (Tzadik, 1997)
・Black Box‎ (Tzadik, 1997) with Naked City
・Taboo & Exile‎ (Tzadik, 1999)
・Live in Jerusalem 1994‎ (Tzadik, 1999) with Masada
・Live in Taipei 1995‎ (Tzadik, 1999) with Masada
・Live in Middelheim 1999‎ (Tzadik, 1999) with Masada
・Live in Sevilla 2000‎ (Tzadik, 2000)
・The Gift‎ (Tzadik, 2001)
・Live at Tonic 2001‎ (Tzadik, 2001) with Masada
・Naked City Live, Vol. 1: The Knitting Factory 1989‎ (Tzadik, 2002) with Naked City
・First Live 1993‎ (Tzadik, 2002) with Masada
・50th Birthday Celebration Volume 4‎ (Tzadik, 2004) with Electric Masada
・50th Birthday Celebration Volume 7‎ (Tzadik, 2004) with Masada
・Naked City: The Complete Studio Recordings‎ (Tzadik, 2005) with Naked City
・Electric Masada: At the Mountains of Madness‎ (Tzadik, 2005) with Electric Masada
・50th Birthday Celebration Volume 11 (Tzadik, 2005) with Bar Kokhba Sextet
・Sanhedrin 1994–1997‎ (Tzadik, 2005) with Masada
・Moonchild: Songs Without Words (Tzadik, 2005) with Moonchild Trio
・Astronome (Tzadik, 2006) with Moonchild Trio
・Six Litanies for Heliogabalus (Tzadik, 2007) with Moonchild Trio
・The Crucible‎ (Tzadik, 2008) with Moonchild Trio
・Lucifer: Book of Angels Volume 10‎ (Tzadik, 2008) with Bar Kokhba Sextet
・The Dreamers‎ (Tzadik, 2008) with The Dreamers
・Stolas: Book of Angels Volume 12‎ (Tzadik, 2009) with Masada Quintet
・O'o (Tzadik, 2009) with The Dreamers
・Ipsissimus‎ (Tzadik, 2010) with Moonchild Trio
・At the Gates of Paradise (Tzadik, 2011)
・Templars: In Sacred Blood (Tzadik, 2012)

Laurie Anderson
・Strange Angels‎ (Warner Bros., 1989)
・Bright Red‎ (Warner Bros., 1994)
・The Ugly One with the Jewels‎ (Warner Bros., 1995)
・Life on a String (Elektra Nonesuch, 2001)

Mark Feldman
・Secrets (Tzadik, 2009)

Marc Johnson
・Sound of the Summer Running (Polygram, 1998)
・Shades of Jade‎ (ECM, 2005)
・Swept Away (ECM, 2012)

Richard Galliano
・Laurita (Dreyfus, 1999)

Steve Kuhn
・Remembering Tomorrow (ECM, 1995)
・Mostly Coltrane (ECM, 2008)
・Wisteria (ECM, 2012)

Tim Berne
・Miniature (JMT, 1988)
・Fractured Fairy Tales (JMT,1989)
・I Can't Put My Finger On It (JMT, 1991)
・Diminutive Mysteries (JMT, 1993)

Toots Thielemans
・Only Trust Your Heart (Concord, 1988)

Toshiko Akiyoshi
・Tuttie Flutie (Discomate, 1980)
・European Memoirs (Victor, 1982) with Toshiko Akiyoshi–Lew Tabackin Big Band
・Toshiko Akiyoshi Trio (Toshiba East World, 1983)


・Step Across the Border (RecRec, 1990) with Fred Frith
・Masada Live at Tonic 1999‎ (Tzadik, 2004) with Masada
・A Bookshelf on Top of the Sky: 12 Stories About John Zorn‎ (Tzadik, 2004) with Masada

and more.


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