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♪ official friskyradio community - feelin' frisky? ♪ フリスキーラジオ

Since 2001 friskyRadio has been on the forefront of underground dance music on the Internet. With our more than 40 exclusive shows hosted by artists that range from the "Bedroom DJ" to the International Superstar, we have earned a reputation for delivering consistent quality in programming and the most upfront music to our thousands of daily listeners from all around the globe.

Our mission is to deliver cutting-edge dance music fueled by our passion for the genre both online into your living rooms and offline on the dance floor.

check us out at

♪♪ http://www.friskyradio.com ♪♪

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winamp/itunes - http://friskyradio.com/frisky.m3u
media player - http://friskyradio.com/frisky.asx
real audio - http://friskyradio.com/frisky.m3u
48K AAC+ - http://friskyradio.com/frisky_low.m3u
128K AAC+ - http://www.friskyradio.com/frisky_aac.m3u

Our current show list:
8-Track Mind w/ Lemon8, Air Spundae, AMP Productions, Artist of the Week, Ascension Records with Jeff Belfi, Aurea Mediocritas, Avant-Garde, Azami with NAKA-G, Bay Beatz, Babylon, Big Bang with Logiztik Sounds, Blank Out FM with Mike Brin, Boarding Pass with dPen, Chill0ut Sundays, Cloud Nine Mix Sessions, De Ushuaia a la Quiaca,
Deep Fried Jalebee w/ Arjun, Deepest Level, Defected In The House, Destinations with Pole Folder, Devilock with Christian Cambas, Drag N Drop Sessions with Helen K, Elemental Underground, existence with Denver&Mints, Feel,
FeralCode, Filt醇Rr, Focus, Forward, Frame with OMB, friskySessions, Goosebumped w/ Fady Ferraye, Groupies Ears Bomber with MOS, House of Flash, Ignitions, Immersed, Jee Productions with Jerome Isma-Ae, Junk Science FM w/ Andrew K, Kaya Records Session, La La Land,
Lee Coombs pres. Thrust, Lightworks by L2 Music, Little Robots, Madness w/ Ogi Cash Synchronized, Magnetic North,
Melting Range with Victoria R, Natural High, No Smoking with DJ Tarkan, No Talking with Kornel & Mannel, North2South, Outside The Box, Paradigm, Quimika Sessions,
RPO Records Session, SatelliteSF, Scriptures with DJ R-Man, Shake, ShakespereanMusic w/ V-Sag, Sensations with Federico Epis, Sound Cells with Thomas Nastos, Tear-Off Sessions with V-SAG, Tech Coast Tribal, Tech Tribe, Teknikal Rotation, thick, Transport, Trust Entertainment,
Tribal Room with Dakasound, Tribuanic Session with Tom Beltor, The Trip, Vital Sounds, Wild Nature with Python

Our artists of the week:
EZEQUIEL MAROTTE, Luke Fair, Gabriel & Dresden, Phatjak, OMB, Surface Bookings, Miss Nine, Marcelo Vasami, Satoshi Tomiie, Nick Warren, Ko Kimura, Michael Darius, Matt Lewtwyler, Tamer Fouda, Pako & Frederik, Naka-G, Mariano Trocca, LEMON 8, Hybrid, Eric Entrena, Zlatan, Terry Grant, TRAFIK, DJ Paul, MatZo, Kintar & Rex, ProgressiveHouse.com, Cassino & Laben, Python, Pablo Roma, CP, PLASS, DJ San, Tone Depth, Kai, Retroid, Fattish, J&S Project, Oliver Moldan, DJ Fresh, Cube, Gomez, Demi, Denver & Mints, Gaston Laterza, Steve May, Damian S., Mike Brin, Victoria R, Logiztic Sounds, Momu, Facu Mohrr & Nicholas Van Orton, Martin Garcia, MOS, MoShic, Shlomi Aber, Facu Carri, 16Bit Lolitas, Federico Epis, Kris B, Eelke Kleijn, Desyn Masiello, Sertac Kaya, Madoka, G-PAL, Dudu Soldani, Nick & John Dalagelis, Hoj, Feral Code House Music, DJ Tarkan, Gerardo Boscarino, Oliverio, Sugar Ant Invasion, Guille Quero, Holosound NYC, Christian Cambas, Deep Mariano, Snake Sedrick, RPO, Mart醇^n Garc醇^a, V-SAG, Alican & Soner, Kazell, Steve Porter, Garrick Ulrich, James Lauer, DJ R-Man, Andre Absolut, Oscar Egoist & Dave Underblau, Andrew K, Marcelo Castelli, Murat Uncuoglu, Will Spencer, Marz Faram, Federico Giust, Brian Owen, Thomas Penton, Jerome Isma-Ae, Felipe Fernandez, d-phrag, Kuze, Likwit, Steve James, Brett Mauro, Mark Satangelo, Jefferson Tyler, Timo Maas, OlliS, C-DWYCK, Yao,


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