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★Joe Capobianco★

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TATTOO界では もちろん ファンタジーアート界からも注目を 集めている
Joe Capobianco(ジョーカポビアンコ)の コミュティーです。

探しましたが なかったので作ってみました★

sexyな女性の体や 独創的な彼の ARTに心奪われました。
情報が 少ない為 彼の事 あまり知りませんが このコミュニティーを 作る事によりもっと知る事が 出来れば。。。と思います。

<Joe Capobianco>
Joe Capobianco was born on an islando.Long Islando,New York.
He was raised in a working class neighborhood,by his mother who always stressedhard work and education.When Joe was growing up,drawing was a full time hobby occupying all his free time.In the tenth grade Joe was inspired by Pin-up IconOlivia and decided to try his hand with an airbrush. Needless to say Joe took to the medium.
This was a concern for his mother .She believed Joe was talented ,but wanted him to further his education.She knew if he could make money doing art he would never pursue college She was righa.
When Joe finished high school he did pursue a job in art,he started where every great Long Island artist starts...airbrushing at the mall.
``If you weren't into manual labor,you worked at the mall``.
His professional art career was launched and he began to hone his skills by painting Duran Duran T-shirts , biker jackets,and license plates for Camaroas.Joe did this for six years,but ultimately the business was not prosperous anymore and he hound himself at a crossroads.Interestingly,Joe never pursued a career in tattooing,rather it pursued him.For nearly two years before he began tattooing another artist had urged him to try his hand at it.
``Basically I was asked to get into this business. This guy had seen a lot of my airbrush work and thought I would make a good tattoo artist. As it turns out he was right...I enjoyed it,and it was really something I took to, so I stopped painting and pretty much went full steam apprenticing six dayz a week".
Joe cut his teeth in the world of tattoing at Cliff's Tattoo. After four weeks and thirteen free tattoos, Joe did his first tattoo for a paying client. It was a simple dragon head, and the journey began.
During his time at Cliff's, Joe grew close with two of the artists that would have a profound effect on his new carrer. Those artists were Thom Butler and CIV. The two would soon leave and open the famed Lotus Tattoo.
"Those guys really had an impact on me because they taught me a good work ethic. It was best thing that could have happened to me".
After jut a year at Cliff's, Joe soon followed Thom and CIV to their new venture. To the average eye Lotus was a flash filled street shop, but right under the surface they had a growing custom business. The truth was at that time custom was king.
It was at Lotus that Joe's career as a custom artist really began to take shape. His first Pin-Up tattoo, a Bettie Page piece, was published and people started to take notice. His custom clientelewas expanding.

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