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詳細 2013年12月12日 21:12更新


1987年7月4生まれ。ラッパー / プロデューサー。
K.U.D.O MAJOR FORCEを父親に持ち、12歳までの幼少期をロンドンで過ごす。
現在は若干23歳にて、様々な楽曲を制作しオリジナリティ溢れるサウンドでjames lavelleやgiles petersonといった国内外のアーティストの絶賛を受ける。

First, how to spell my name, K.A.N.T.A. I used to live in London and Argentina where I used to be a footballer. Division 2, team called Tajeres es calada. After quitting football, I returned back to my hometown in Tokyo and started making music. .... My fathers called K.U.D.O, who is a member of Major Force. He also worked at MoWax and worked with people such as James Lavelle and other cool guys who lead the 90's music scene in London. So the UK is where I obtained most, if not, all of my inspiration. All the music I make comes out from me; everything is what happened in my life...good, bad, everything... Everything started from something inside of me, you know. .... If I were to name someone who inspires me, it would have to be The Beatles. Mainly because they have everything in their music. Hiphop, Rock, Dance music, Jazz, Blues, everything. Everything what was new was inside of them. And I wanna be like them you know. I dont want to be a superstar, showin of their jewelry, smoking blunts or sniffing coke in an interview, showin off their cute bitches or cars (shiny wheels), diamond teeth/chain. I'd rather be posed naked like Jackie Chan. Im not joking man...cuz I'm cool without it man. Cool...just natural you know. .... When you listen to my music, you'll notice that its new. My music is like Rock, Hiphop, Dubstep mixed up all in a good balance...its quite pop. People who don't like Hiphop, they can listen to it. People who don't like rock, they can listen to it. And people who don't like Dubstep, they can listen to it.  About me...I got my fashion, I dress everytime natural. I know how my fashion goes. My fashion equals my music. I'm doing my music so natural you know. And my music is like not from this world...Its from a world inside me.   I know you love my music cuz its so FRESH. So fresh like when you first watch Starwars man. When you first watch Starwars, you just get so dope and you feel all these fresh things, and really inspires you, you know. And your brain starts working in a strange way...the same thing happens to your brain when you listen to my music. you know what I mean? Yeaah......



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