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Six Scents

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Six Scents
The new experience of creativity with a conscience available in a collection of Six Scents. Bringing change personally and globally. The Six Scents Fragrance Initiative is an ongoing collaboration between Symrise, Metaproject and Seven New York. Annually, a distinct group of six prominent artists and perfumers are selected to develop a limited edition series of fragrances to help raise money for views on creativity, culture, consciousness and collectivity.

Six Scents: Series One
Curated by Joseph Quartana of Seven New York, Six Scents Series One will feature fragrance collaborations between fashion designers and perfumers: Alexandre Herchcovitch and Joachim Correll, Bernhard Willhelm and Lucas Sieuzac, COSMIC WONDER Light Source and Philippe Paparella-Paris, Gareth Pugh and Emilie Coppermann, Jeremy Scott and Philippe Roques, Preen by Thornton Bregazzi and Mark Buxtan. Individually numbered with custom packaging, each designers fragrance will be offered in a limited quantity of 2,000units. A percent of the net proceeds will go towards awareness and funding for the Designers Agent AIDS(DAA), International AIDS Awareness Education Center in Antwerp. Belgium scheduled to open in December 2008.

Six Scents: Series Two
In collaboration with Givaudan, Six Scents Series Two explores the relationship between artist and nature through a collection of fragrance, stories, films art and photography. Each experience intends to instigate the desire to preserve our environment so that others can continue to be inspired by the beauty, power and intrigue of nature. A position of all proceeds will be donated to Pro-Nature in support to of their environmental sustainability programs.

Six Scents: Series Three
Six Scents Series Three is exploration into the nature of childhood memories and the influence of adolescence on identity. Six designers of Six different parts of the world have been to invite to remember the most definitive experiences of their youth that led to their sense to identity today and to recall some of their most intimate childhood memories involving the sense of smell. Exploring stories from one through six, innocence begins to fade and rebellion, reality and mischief kick in. In addition, a group of contemporary artists have been invite to interpret the progression from innocence to experience through film. A portion of the proceeds will go to War Child International in support children who have not have the good future to experience the same freedom of childhood and adolescence.



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