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Lazy Rich

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詳細 2015年4月7日 22:09更新

Lazy Rich feat. Lizzie Curious - Get Out (Big Fish Recordings)
Lazy Rich & Hirshee feat. Lizzie Curious - Blast Off! (Bugeyed)
Lazy Rich - Discofukkr (Royal One)
Lazy Rich feat. Messinian - You Know How We Fuckin' Do (Destination?)
Lazy Rich - Feel That Beat feat. Karli (Big Fish Recordings) DJDownload.Com No.1
Lazy Rich - Techno Cherry (Jackmoves)
Lazy Rich - Disco Ballistic E.P. (Ho-Ju)
Lazy Rich - Pyramid (Big Fish Recordings)
Lazy Rich - Lost So Deep E.P. feat. Tara Lett (Sweet Cherry)
Lazy Rich - Ghosts (Plasmapool)
Lazy Rich - No More Games feat. Cassandra Nantel (Big Fish Recordings)
Lazy Rich - Big Fish (Big Fish Recordings)
Lazy Rich - The Take Control E.P. (Plasma Digital)
Lazy Rich - Don't Think About Me ft. Cassandra Nantel (12.inch.recordings)
Lazy Rich - Freight Train (Live To Tape)
Lazy Rich - Rock It Up For The DJ E.P. (Monofase Black)
Lazy Rich - Disco Rocking (Plasma Digital)
Lazy Rich - Shake The Floor (Live to Tape)
Lazy Rich - AOK (Stereo Soul Recordings)
Lazy Rich - Mutter EP: Mutter / Funker / Dont Go Back (Plasma Digital)
Lazy Rich - I Need Your (Stereo Soul Recordings)
Lazy Rich - The Pull / Make an Effort (Sheeva)

Destineak - Just The Music (Moshpit Productions)
Uppermost - Take a Blow (Bazooka Records)
Studio B - I See Girls (Roy RosenfelD and Lazy Rich Remix) (Vinyl Pusher)
Swen Webber - First Stroke (Taste/d)
DirtyLoud - Disco Recordz (Savage Media)
Stefano Azai – Coachello (Loved Up Records)
Sergi Bits & Andi Vax - Superztar (Hardphaze)
BYOB v J Majik & Wickaman - Save My Life (Loaded)
Jayforce - Rhymes Delight (Dirty Fabric)
mLe - You Like It (Velcro City)
Gary Caos - My Love Is Free (Casa Rosa)
Alex Kidd - Unholy Grail (Crude Traxx)
Alex Mind - Binary 1.0 (Plasmapool)
Fatboy Slim - Weapon of Choice (Skint) Beatport.com No.1, Trackitdown.net No.1, Junodownload.com No.1, Buzz Chart No.1
Nervo - This Kind Of Love (Loaded)
Nikjam and The Meena feat. MC Freeflow - Goodride (Big Fish Recordings)
Luvstuff - Ziek Muziek (Simma)
L. B. One - One day (Zero Online)
Myagi - Smartbomb (Pop and Lock)
Roy RosenfelD - Jerusalem (Definitive)
Sweet Cheat - Thump (Sick Slaughterhouse)
Banga - There It Is (Destination?)
Toby Emerson - Never Coming Down (System Recordings)
Monolythe - Dont Break It (Big Alliance)
Jayforce - Titty Shake (Eden Recordings)
Council Estate Supermodels - Travolta Fever (Bass Boom Recordings)
Pablo Decoder - Moog It Up (Big and Dirty)
Classixx - Dial 1 (InStereo)
Dirty Politics - Call of the Wild (Audio Planet)
Frederik Olufsen - Ball (Big Fish Recordings)
X-press 2 - Lazy (Skint)
Roy RosenfelD - Critical Error (Plasmapool)
Costello - Bitchy Skills (Plasmapool)
Deadmau5 and Mellefresh - Attention Whore (Play-Digital)
Soundpusher - Swagga (Bugeyed)
Electric Soulside - Moulin Rouge (Bugeyed)
Luvstuff vs Alena - Turn It Around (Big Fish Recordings) TrackItDown.Net No.1
Soulfix & DJ Tram - Failed War (Atomic Zoo)
Yenn - Yes Weekend (Noobish)
Signal Drivers & Philly - Musik (Destination?)
Callum B - Raver Flava' (Big Fish Recordings)
The Beatpusherz - Last Days Of Disco (Plasmapool)
Calvertron & Banga - Invisible (Destination?)
Coldblank - Marshmallow Man (Nu-Industry)
Sweet Cheat - Kickflip (Plasmapool)
Costello feat. Ninelives Cat - Push That System (Plasmapool)
Anthony Ross vs Justin Allen - Infectious (Big Fish Recordings)
Jon-E Industry - Look Out (Nu-Industry Recordings)
Banga - Chaleur (Elektik Media)
Andi Vax - Engine Start (Hardphaze)
Bart Lectro - Quarantine (Plasmapool)
Hirshee - Burn It Up (Stereo Soul Recordings)
Jeff Daniels and Ollie Ple - Shady (Plasmapool)
Stonewash and Fagault - Violet (Plasmapool) TrackItDown.Net No.1
Mike Cortez & Poldee feat. LJ MTX - We Like It (Exotic Refreshment)
Jon-E Industry - Take It Low (Nu-Industry Recordings)
Ryan Galbraith - Smuggling Duds (Stereo Soul)
Aquilaganja - Funk Move Da Botty (Destination?)
Sweet Cheat - Shut da FK up n DANCE (Plasmapool)
Calerway - Run!Run!Run! (Destination?)
Sharooz - Get Off (Plasmapool)
Dilemn - Pitiless (Plasmapool)
Calvertron & Banga - Crasher (Destination?)
Jeff Daniels - Your Touch (Little Mountain)
Oliver Nickels - This Might Be Techno (Stereo Soul Recordings)
Hirshee - Upside Down (Jetset)
Miles Dyson - Minimal My Ass (Plasmapool)
Miles Dyson - Anthem (Plasmapool)
Signal Drivers - Cosmic Wheel (Destination?)
Sandy Vee - Secret Love (Stereo Soul Recordings)
Jon Fitz - You'll See Me (Lowered Recordings)
Dave Armstrong - Love Has Gone (Lowered Recordings)
Jason Herd - So Strong (Lowered Recordings)
Hirshee - From Above (Stereo Soul Recordings)
Jeff Daniels - Lonely Nights (Live to Tape)
Jeff Daniels & Ollie Ple - You Make Me (Sweet Cherry)

Hatiras - Bootybounce (Lazy Rich Remix) (Hatrax)
Lazy Rich feat. Cassandra Nantel - Don't Think About Me 2010 (Plasmapool)
Adam K Feat King Unique - My Love (Lazy Rich's Stupid Dutch Remix) (Hotbox Digital)
Hot Pink Delorian - BEE EFF EFF (Lazy Rich Remix) (Donald Glaude's Records)
Bob Sinclar - Feel For You (Anthony Ross and Lazy Rich Remix) (Yellow)
Roy Rosenfeld - What! (Lazy Rich Remix) (Plasmapool)
Freakhouze - My Brain is Bigger Than Yours (Lazy Rich Remix) (Big Fish Recordings)
Spencer & Hill - Back2Back (Lazy Rich Remix) (Bazooka Records)
Justin Michael - Trouble (Lazy Rich Remix) (Ultra)

Tracks Appear On:
Hed Kandi Ibiza 2010
Solid Sounds 2010
Hed Kandi Disco Heaven 2010
Ministry Of Sound - Clubbers Guide to Summer 2010
Wax:On Compilation Series No 1
Big Floor Destroyers Vol. 1
Big & Dirty House Sounds
Ministry of Sound - Sensation - Wicked Wonderland 2010
Serious Beats 61

詳細: http://www.myspace.com/djlazyrich#ixzz0xmUTylAv


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