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2010 -

Starchaser - So Good (Calvertron Remix) (Ego)
Calvertron & Rico Tubbs - Heavy Bass Champions of the world (Trouble & Bass)
Calvertron & N-Ton - Up & Down (Jack Knife Records)
Calvertron - Funky Jam (Bugeyed)
Gigi Barocco & Sawgood - Blowing Up (Calvertron's Heffer Lump Mix) (Woot Records)
Will Bailey - Hit The Club (Calvertron Remix) (Simma)
D-Bag feat Naan - Milk (Calvertron's Full Phat Mix) (Flat Frog)
Tim Healey & Calvertron - Back to The Ghetto (Surfer Rosa)
Lazy Rich - Disco Fukker (Calvertron's HCI Mix) (Royal one)
Gigi Barocco - Gomma Gomma (Calvertron Remix) (Jack Knife Records)
Rainbow Warfare - Feels Alright (Calvertron's Killa Mix) (Dirty Trax)
Calvertron - Reclaim Control (Elite Force Remix) (U&A Recordings)
Party Dark - Is That You? (Calvertron Remix) (Champion Records)
Remady - No Superstar (Calvertron Remix) (Maelstrom)
Cold Blank - Dutchie (Calvertron Remix) (Burn the Fire)
Donald Glaude - Teed Off (Calvertron Remix) (DGR)
Critical - Hype the Funk (Calvertron Remix) (Nu Industry Recordings)
Curtis B - Play My Jam (Calvertron Remix) (Royal One Records)
Frederik Mooig - Take It Back (Calvertron's Bad Mix) (Loudroom Recordings)
Rainbow Warfare - Feels Alright (Calvertron's Killa Remix) (Dirty Trax)
Ocelot - This Is Our Time (Calvertron Remix) (Wall Of Sound)

2009 -

Calvertron & Rossco - Go's Like Dis (Jack Knife Records)
Calvertron & Brimmer - Play it (Jack Knife Records)
Blatta & Inesha - Urban Cougar (Calvertron's Roofie Mix)
Blatta & Inesha - RawPower (Calvertron Rip Up)
Brooksy & Twisted Bitz - Move (Freek Records)
ClearCut - Fireworks feat. Trix (Calvertron Remix) (Typecast)
Dale Castell - Wickedest Sound feat. Tom Zanetti (Calvertron Remix) (Filthy Bitch)
Magik Johnson - The Boy Blew (Calvertron Remix) (Pottymouth Music)
Gary Caos & Butterflake - Immature feat. Renee (Calvertron Remix) (Casa Rossa)
Funk Republic - Oh (Calvertron Mix - Krafty Kuts Re-Rub) (Against the Grain)
Sander Kleinenberg - My Lexicon (Calvertron & Paul Thomas Remix) (Little Mountain Recordings)
Keith MacKenzie - Get with the Program (Calvertron Remix) (Illeven Eleven)
Calvertron - Buggin' (BugEyed Records)
Binkers - Do It Right (Calvertron's 59Fifty Remix) (Legacy Kids Club)
Calvertron - Down under EP (Wearhouse Music)
DJ Dan - That Phone Track (Calvertron Remix) (Audacious Records)
Tim Healey - Ghetto Blaster (Calvertron Remix) (InStereo)
Rico Tubbs - Lumberjack (Calvertron Remix) (A New Hope Records)
Calvertron - Doo Doo (Bugeyed)
Calvertron - Phat Beat EP (Tokyo Rising)
Calvertron - Doggy Style (Jack Knife Records)
Gigi Barocco vs Blatta & Inesha - Where is it? (Calvertron Remix) (Jack Knife Records)
Kick-Oh! - Hold Me (Calvertron Remix) (Jack Knife Records)
Tom EQ - Original Badman (Calvertron Remix) (Jack Knife Records)
Donald Glaude - Tee'd Off (Calvertron Remix) (DGR)
Calvertron feat. Tragic Shell Suit Disaster - Dwarf Porn EP (Potty Mouth Music)
Audius - Body Body (Calvertron Remix) (Velcro City Records)
Circuit Freq - Zonderzug (Calvertron Remix) (Cirquit Freq)
Rektchords - These Girls (Calvertron Remix) (U&A)
Calvertron & Wonk - Breakdown (Freek Recordings)
Calvertron vs Banga - Like Dat (Destination?)
MIC Perry - Have a Nice Day (Calvertron Remix) (PBR)
Funk Republic - OH (Calvertron Remix) (We Continue)
Dirty Freek - Movin' On (Calvertron Remix) (Freek Recordings)
Beat Assassins - Direct Hit VIP (Calvertron Remix) (Mofo)
Suriv - Walk on By (K.Brindley & Calvertron Remix) (Electric Sushi)
DKS - Immature (Calvertron Remix) (Casarossa)

2008 -

Guru Josh Project - Infinity 2008 (Calvertron Remix) (Maelstrom 100)
Calvertron Vs Majestic MC - Gimme Da Mic (Ministry Of Sound/Data)
Skynet - Back to 89 (Calvertron Remix) [852 Recordings]
Calvertron Vs Banga - Crash Da Party EP (Destination?)
Calvertron & Mwp Project - Don't Ya (Movement Music)
Calvertron & Kieran Brindley - Blender (Movement Music)
Calvertron & Kieran Brindley - Poptart (Movement Music)
Calvertron - Opium/Oh Ley (Destination?)
Calerway - Blood, Sweat, Years (Calvertron rmx) (Destination?)
Calvertron Vs Banga - Invisible/Souljah (Destination?)
Calvertron Vs Evans & Waterfall - DNA (Destination?)
Calvertron - Supervillain/Magic Carpet (Jack Knife Records)
Hyperion - Gotta Hold it (Calvertron Remix) (U&A Recordings)
Calvertron - Envelope/Filter (Mutate to Survive)
Calvertron - Oscillator (Rooster)
Ryan Murgatroyd - Epic Flow (Brindley & Calvertron Remix) (Electric Sushi)
Calvertron - King Of Roc (Freek Recordings)
DJ Denise - Get Off Ur (Calvertron's Move Ya Batty Mix) (Mizumo Music)

2007 -

The Hoxton Whores - Friday, Saturday Love (Calvertron & Will Bailey Remix) (Data/Ministry of sound)
Sash! - Ecuador (Will Bailey & Calvertron Remix) (Data/Ministry of sound)
Ricky Stone - Shanghi Taxi (Calvertron & Will Bailey Remix) (852 Recordings)
Calvertron & Aquilaganja/Tallaght - Spicecream Freaks EP (852 Recordings)
Calvertron - Bring it Back (Subversion)
Calvertron - Bom Bom & Like Dis (Funktion)
Calvertron & Will Bailey - Hookin' (Funktion)
Maurice Bakes vs The Acid Svengalis - Got to Get Off (Will Bailey & Calvertron
Remix) (Friends Of The Family Records)
Calvertron & Friends - Live for the Weekend (Eternal vibes)


2009 -

Kalva & Paul Thomas - Rizer (Toolroom)
Kalva & Paul Thomas - Skyline (Toolroom)
Kalva & Paul Thomas - Game Over (including Veerus & Divine rmx) (Absolut)
Kalva & Kieran Brindley - Insurgence (Cr2)
Filthy Rich - Rogue Status (Kalva & Paul Thomas Remix) (Bdr Music)
Filth n Splendour vs Kalva - Divide (including Umek Rmx) (Twisted Frequency)
Kalva Vs Vaughan - Latch/Cokehead (Superbleep)
Kieran Brindley & Calvertron - Stumble (Electric Sushi)
Kalva Vs Vaughan - Superpimp/The Trick (Superbleep)
Alex Gold - Give it up (Kalva & Paul Thomas Remix) (Extravaganza)
Veerus & Maxie Divine - Clockism (Kalva & Paul Thomas rmx) (Le Club)


2008 -

Slyde - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Twocker Remix) (Finger Lickin Records)
Marc Leaf and Drew Scott - Fabulous (Twocker Remix) (CR2)
Paolo Jackson ft Shena - Funkt (Twocker Remix) (Sheer Music)
Sash! - La Primavera (Twocker Remix) (Ministry of Sound)
Twocker - Stitch (Vacation Records)
Twocker - Chopper (Vacation Records)
Filth and Splendour - Language (Twocker Remix) (Mass Recordings)
CJ Bolland - Sugar is sweeter (Twocker's respect to van helden Remix) (White label)
Stupid Fresh - Stupid Theme (Twocker Remix) (Freek Recordings)
Donald Glaude - Let the bass drop (Twocker's wobble Remix) (DGR Records)
Jelo - Awesome Sauce (Twocker's GTi Remix) (BugEyed Records)
MPI Project - Here I am (Twocker's Sniper Remix) (Sheer Music)
Electro F - Superstar Break (Twockers funk this Remix) (Lowered Recordings)
DJ Dan - Bangin on ya system (Twocker's lowrider Remix) (Instereo)
Twocker - Ruffneck (Soul Candi)
Twocker - Jack Knife (Soul Candi)
Twocker - Parasoul (Soul Candi)

2007 -

Tom Day - Whisper (Twocker Remix) (Ministry of Sound/Data Records)
fRew & The Shopliftas - Bermuda Nights (Twocker's Hawaiian shirt Remix) (Vacation Records)


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