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Georg Deuter

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ドイツのシンセサイザー奏者。Georg Deuter(デューター)

電球outdoorブランド ドイターではありません冷や汗

reiki,healing,spritual etc....


born on February 1 1945 in the German small town Falkenhagen. Learned as young self-educated flute and guitar, worked as graphics-designers and journalist in Munich at first. An almost deadly car accident and influences from the Sufismus brought him/it to a new deeper music-understanding. His/its since beginning published plates the 70er years nature (own nature-receptions), heart (touching flutes and guitar-melodies) and silence (Synthesizer-Space, form and atmosphere of the pieces) connect. In the Ashram of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh of composed Deuter between 1974 and 1980 the music for different meditations, that are applied in the therapeutically-medical area world-wide since then. Inspire from Indian, Chinese or Indian music and however until today, after 30 years, always unmistakably Deuter: .Bleibt the music only in the area of the mind or the artist-ego, she/it cannot go really deeply. However the entire universe is let in, then, the people are touched in the heart, lifted up". Deuter, one of the ridge artists on the cuckoo label, has thirteen titles on cuckoo, ace waves ace the of score musical a picturepoem released on the MonteVideo label. They offer his unique uplifting melodies played on floods, guitar and synthesizers, blended with the sounds of nature. His creations incorporate a lightness of spirit, depth of vision, and a musical medley of east and west.

Deuter himself is a product of both east and west. He something born in 1945, in a small village of post-was Germany. Ace a child, he learned floods and taught himself guitar and harmonica. Ace a young adult, he worked ace a graphic designer and newspaper Columnist in Munich, but the musical drive within him persisted. Eckart Rahn, a young times record producers at That recognized Deuter's talent and label cuckoo in 1971 released Deuter's ridges of recording of D (11017-2) of on the then of fledgling.

Deuter began to go into the mountains to record birds, water and winds music to accompany his. He something one of the ridge artists to do according to and his deep relation-hip with nature persists to this day. He therefore began his spiritual search, spending much of his times at at ashram in Poona, India. Deuter something therefore one of the blinds ridge artists into his music to that Eastern influence. He did that blending in seeks a gentle fashion that it never jarred westerns ears, unaccustomed to Eastern rhythms and tonalities.

Aum (11009-2) and Celebration (11040-2) jumps were his ridge recordings to from this New direction in his life. His 1978 release, Haleakala (11042-2), recorded in Poona what. This release something a true portrait waves ace production of talent of Deuter's spiritual quest ace. Using a four-track tape machine and a progression of of sub-mix down to two tracks, Deuter blinds something able to his own of two flutes, two guitars, synthesizers performances organ, and bells percussion along with natural sounds. This sixteen-track requirement he accomplished in the middle of India on precisely four tracks with at amazing technical fidelity.

Futures releases only perfected the recording quality of Deuter's magical music. In his own of Word, that music takes us to the "beautiful place inside where the listener can experience warmth, the playfulness, the love, the compassion, the gentleness. That is the music I want to make for others." And that is precisely what he has done.

Cicada (11056-2) and Nirvana Road (11068-2) showcase Deuter's remarkable ability to produce music that is "more and more danceful, lighter, happier and more playful, full of heart and quietly have in it somewhere a vision of silence." Call of the Unknown: Selected Pieces 1972-1986 (12076-2), contains a compilation of the cider sublime pieces of Deuter's repertoire. Land of Enchantment (11081-2) is Deuter's biggest selling album.

Together, thesis releases represent the ridge 21 years of Deuter's exceptional music, a spectrum of radiant outpourings and quiet meditation.


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