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Free Spirit Records

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Free-Spirit Records
Psychedelic / Progressive / Down-tempo

If you haven't heard of the UK trance label Free-Spirit by now, you soon will... the brainchild of Milan born label manager, Jay OM. Since the late '80's, Jay has spent years djing/promoting at some of the biggest clubs and trance festivals in London, the UK, and the rest of Europe. In 2004, he conceived the vision of a network of like-minded artists in the psy-trance and ambient genres, all working to promote themselves and each other under one banner and thus the Free-Spirit label was born...

Originally intended to focus on artist management, the label's skyrocketing success, combined with the enthusiasm of Jay, the artists, and fans, enabled Free-Spirit to outgrow its horizons. Free-Spirit continues to build a collective of artists and djs from the UK, Europe and worldwide, aiming to create and provide access to a combined set of resources not available to them as individuals, making it just a little easier for them all to concentrate on what they truly love, the music!

Free-Spirit burst headlong upon the global trance scene with their maiden compilation, "Brahamaputra" in October 2006, even attracting the attention of artists like previous voted 4 in DJ Mags TOP 100 DJs, Christopher Lawrence, who already is rocking Free-Spirit tracks on his own compilation releases. Although still in the label's infancy, the lineup of artists on this smashing compilation spoke for itself... Free-Spirit's sequel compilation to "Brahamaputra", “Eupsychia”, as well as M-Klome's astounding first solo album release followed soon thereafter. June 2008 saw the release of the 3rd complilation album, "Neophilia", and in early 2009 we saw the highly anticipated debut rocker by Journey (aka Jay OM) himself and also the next compilation, Free-Spirit Vol.4 “Plexure” compiled by DJ Marchello.

This label and these artists work hard to bring you albums that are guaranteed to stay fresh over many rotations and mixsets. Free-Spirit has a lot on their platter in the next few months with new releases and also running their own successful events, one of which is the Implosion parties, which are now regular occurrences in various venues around London.... so turn on and tune in now to their upcoming fresher-than fresh trance sounds!

:::Artist's :::
Journey – UK/IT
M-Theory - UK/IT
Ital – CHILE
Star-Trip – UK - RU
Kronic – BR
Twenty Eight – BR/MEX
In Lakech – MEX
Mononegro – UK
Counterculture – UK/BR

::: DJ’S :::
Jay OM – UK/IT
Sangohan – FR
Ital – CHILE
Evil Twins – RU
Marchello – UK/IT
Loic – FR
Mononegro – UK
Hisrav – MEX
Panchodelic - CHI
KuatroDNA – UK - BR
Vinnix – BR
Prozak - UK - Israel
Gaba - UK/BR

Free-Spirit Vol 1 "Brahmaputra" Compiled by Jay OM - October 2006
M-Klome "Interruptions" - May 2007
Free-Spirit Vol 2 "Eupsychia" Compiled by Jay OM - June 2007
Free-Spirit Vol 3 "Neophilia" Compiled by Jay OM - June 2008
Journey EP "The man who sold the time" - December 2008
Journey Complete Album "The man who sold the time" - January 2009
Free-Spirit Vol 4 "Plexure" Compiled by DJ Marchello - February 2009
Ital EP - The world of spirit plants - April 2009
Ital Complete Album - The world of spirit plants - May 2009

Free-Spirit Vol 5 "Mutual Reality" Compiled by Jay OM - January/February 2010
TwentyEight EP - TBA
TwentyEight Complete Album - TBA

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