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Desire (from Montreal, Canada)

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詳細 2016年2月17日 18:49更新

Glass Candy好きにオススメ

When Glass Candy was on tour last year, they stumbled into a foggy night club in Montreal and saw a woman singing an entire set of Jean-Pierre Massiera songs. Meet Megan Louise, the crystal clear tenor who sings in French and English over Desire’s debut Lp, II. Completely blown away by her voice, Johnny Jewel decided to lock the doors on his Portland studio, and plant roots in Montreal. “I had been working on music for an abstract project named Desire for over two years. I was just waiting for the right singer to come along. When I heard Megan, I knew I had to try and convince her to do it.” After spending the next few months building a studio, watching the snow fall, and getting a root canal, Desire was born. Johnny brought in collaborator, Nat Walker on drums and synthesizer. Last year the two toured the world as the critically acclaimed disco noir outfit Chromatics, also on the Italians Do It Better imprint. “We were wanting to do a new project that had elements of what we were doing in Chromatics, but explore the sound and limitations of pop music more.” In addition to the percusive guitars, stacatto synths, and layers of piano, Desire borrowed a three piece string section of students from le Conservatoire de Musique de Montreal, adding a romantic overtone throughout the album. Desire’s music stands right on the line between indie pop and electronic dance music. Without making any promises to either camp, the group delivers plenty of lush melodies and hypnotic drums to keep everyone hooked. Their debut album explores themes of hope and lost love. The result is a gorgeous collection of eight songs that embrace the innocence of youth, and the pain of heartbreak. Catch them live this fall, as they hit the shores of Europe for a second time with label mates Glass Candy. - Eve Morin


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