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Dave Spoon

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自身のレーベル"Television"や”Toolroom"でも活躍するUK House DJ/Producer.


1977 - Born in Portsmouth, UK.
1980 - Made first mixtape aged 3 on my Dads music centre with Police, Stones & other records!
1985 - Junior school buys Yamaha PSR keyboard, i'm obsessed!
1986 - Dad buys Casio keyboard, obsessed with this also!
1987 - Forced to play trumpet at school!
- Listening to ANYTHING electronic! Depeche Mode, New Order, Gary Numan and even Jean Michel Jarre!!
1988 - Heard my first Acid record, Londonbeat "Theres an Acid House Goin On".
1989 - Go to a very forward thinking school & find a TB303 & Juno 60 in the music room cupboard!
- Music teacher say's "mmmm, they make acid house with a 303!".
1990 - Hear a Kevin Saunderson mixtape, HOOKED!
- Start sampling & making beats using Atari ST with Notator & Akai S950 sampler at school.
1991 - First hear a proper Hardcore mixtape (Krome & Time), obsessed with 140bpm breakbeats and Rave noises!
- still way too young to go to a club!
- Became a disciple of the new Essential Selection on Radio 1.
1992 - Found out my best-mate's nieghbor (Brian Carew) is a house DJ... started to listen through the wall every day!
1993 - Summon up courage to knock on his door to ask for a proper listen.
- Summon up courage to have a go... hooked!
- First heard Gat Decor's "Passion" & Acen's "Trip 2 The Moon"... wow!
- Hung out with Liam Howlett @ Prodigy gig, we briefly become friends!
- Hardcore gets cheesy, bring on the DnB!
- Left school, I'm lost without equipment. :(
1994 - Liam helps me out buying some old equipment, releases 2nd album and disappears.
1995 - Got bored with DnB, Sasha Essential mix "changes my life"!
1996 - Stopped producing & let DJing take over.
1999 - Musically Lost! :(
2001 - Worked in a friends record shop.
- Discovered Propellerhead's Reason software.
2002 - Christened "Dave" by Fly Mic! :)
2003 - Edit audio for Fly, then christened "Spoons" by him too (you do the Math).
2004 - Left record shop, made "21st Century".
- Mark Knight signs "21st Century" to Toolroom & opens Essential mix with it! BIG :)
2005 - Seamus Haji signs "Sunrise" to Big Love.
- Start remixing officially.
2006 - Made "At Night", released on Toolroom.
- Remixing anything that moves!
- "At Night" becomes a bit big & crosses so many genres, even Tiesto & PVD are playing!?
2007 - Essential new tune "At Night" becomes chart hit "Bad Girl" ft. Lisa Mafia.
- Start studio project with Pete Tong & remix Robyn's "Every Heartbeat".
- Buy a keyboard from a friend of Gat Decor, end up remixing "Passion"... Crazy!
2008 - Asked to host a show on BBC Radio 1, absolutely amazing!
- Release "88EP" on Toolroom & start a residency for Cream in Ibiza!
- Write the title music for the film "Beyond The Rave" & remix Madonna (both with Pete Tong).
- "Baditude" with Sam Obernik & Paul Harris hits the UK top 40! Scott Mills' "2 Spoons Dave Spoon" version also becomes a huge hit!
- Launch my label "Televizion", with Tong & Spoon's "Gas Face".



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