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The Cove & some other issues.

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Government and the Public

There have been recent problems that have been realized according to the information around the world. Information have cross through nations for people all around the world to have opinions through various informations. This article follows two sources from the recent film "The Cove" and medical research records which leads to this understanding. That there has been a lack of disclosure of information from the government that is directly effecting the law.
For the last 20 years people have tried to capture the forbidden footage of the deep secret that lies in the shallow watered cove in Taiji, Wakayama. Taiji is known as the biggest supplier of dolphins towards aquariums. Louie Psihoyos, famed photographer for the National Geographic, have directed a film called “The Cove”, where they spy out the slaughter of the dolphins using professional divers and gadgets in the impenetrable cove to capture the annual killing of thousands of dolphins. It was critically acclaimed in many film festivals including the Sundance Film Festival, where they received the Sundance Audience Award. Released in theaters July 2009, starting from North America, they are planning to release in many other countries. However, they have no plans for release in Japan yet.
More than 2,500 dolphins are slaughtered annually. This occurs because each dolphin can be sold up to 150,000 dollars. Due to the TV series Flipper in the 80’s, there has been the immergence of this billion-dollar Industry of sea animals. For this reason in the cove the chosen dolphins are sold to aquariums and the rest are slaughtered to meat. In Japan it is legal to slaughter the meat but illegal to interfere with the slaughter. This film shows that some people and even the police in Taiji are willing to keep this slaughter a secret. The cliff that is surrounding the cove is barricaded so no one can enter or observe the killing. The filming crew even crawled there way into the cliff to set camouflaged cameras to take the footage.
Those who read this article up to here might think that these sailors are just capturing these dolphins for consumption just like the other fishes. But more importantly dolphins are poisonous. Dolphins are at the top of the food chain in the sea, which leads to the accumulation of mercury. In this documentary they found out that the dolphins sold in the supermarket as whales meat in Taiji and is said to have as much poison as the fishes during the Minamoto problem. It has been claimed that some supermarkets have stopped selling these dolphins after the finding of this evidence.
Louie Psihoyos says in the radio interview with Jian Ghomeshi that there have been media black outs in Japan of the dolphin problem. The notable thing is that the government had been serving these dolphins at the public schools in Taiji until recently. It would also imply that the government had been serving poison to the people for the sake of the ritual of capturing dolphins.
This film is pointed towards the killing of dolphins but it can be also related towards the current society. The government have allowed for all these time to serve dolphins to children as food and massacre dolphins with the additional explanation that dolphins eats too many fishes. There hasn't been much definition of a government and what it is supposed to do but, in fact, the law in Japan contradicts the policy, which protects the citizens from illegal drugs. The government says that these drugs harm lives when they are at the same time poisoning the children with dolphin meat. It seems that the government is making random arbitrary decisions to make some people happy.
There was a recent issue about Argentina decriminalizing the possession and small-scale use of marijuana. The Argentina’s court ruling said that each adult is free to make lifestyle decision without intervention of the state. The problem here in Japan is that there are basically illegalizing drugs which have not had enough medical research that shows that some drugs are harmful to the human body in an long term effect. Drugs for example Marijuana have never been reported any death due to the drug or have medical research that it is harmful to the human body in long term. Yet possessing Marijuana can bar one up for five years.

The government uses propaganda that drugs ruins their lives. That is basically true. There are drugs such as Cocaine and Heroin that have killed many people in the past. But if the government is so keen to write such facts about all illegal drugs they should also include Cigarettes and Alcohol. Cigarettes for example shorten average life expectancy up to 10 years and 20 percent of all deceived have died some how from Cigarettes. Maybe there are other reasons that's allows Cigarettes and not Marijuana but the government should at least try to explain rationally.


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