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詳細 2012年1月9日 20:58更新

Gustavo Gallego: Ahotsa, Baxua eta Programaketak
Anartz Onandia: Bateria
Aitor Monje: Kitarra
Gorka Molero: Kitarra

-my spaceより抜粋-

Yakuzi is founded during the lifetime of the group SAL, at the end of 1998.
Gustavo Gallego starts to compose his new songs on a new project. Being its only member (Gustavo Gallego, bass, voice and programming) but with the help of the members of SAL (Anartz Onaindia at the drums and Aitor Monje playing guitars) edits three demos. These records are clapped by the media and the label Pause, placed in Almeria, puts the attention on the band and invites it to get involved on the label and record the first musical work. Yakuzi, the album, is recorded in December 2001, and Anartz and Aitor are already included as members of the band. That record, formed by 5 songs and taking 33 minutes long, receives excellent opinions from the media, although it takes too long to be released. It..s available from april 2003 and at that moment the band is ready for playing live concerts after Kimetz Zenitagoia (guitars) and Iker Asenjo (flute) join the band. During October 2003, Iker moves to Scotland for learning and its place in the band is occupied by Gorka Molero (guitars). During December 2003, Yakuzi records the second album, formed by 10 songs and named "Ibai lehorretan itota". In May 2004, they play at the Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona among groups like Mudhoney, P.J. Harvey and Pixies. That day is edited "Ibai lehorretan itota". Along 2004, the band plays many concerts and receives more excellent opinions from the media. It..s included on the lists of the best albums of 2004 on several magazines and web sites, as the magazine Entzun! (7th album of 2004), the add-on Zarata of the Mondo Sonoro (among the 10 best basque works), Muzikalia (21st best national album), Nadadora (3rd best national album), Desconcierto (among best of 2004), Nosoloemo (3rd best work and 3rd best song) and many more. On april 2005, Kimetz (guitars) leaves the band and Yakuzi moves to fourtet, its nowadays format.

During 2006, the band takes part on the european "Villa de Bilbao" contest and wins the first prize on pop-rock style and best band from the state.

In december 2007 the band..s third musical work, titled "hot balneario", is released. It..s in all the stores from January 2008 on. Recorded, mixed and mastered in Estoldetan (Berriz) despite some pre-mixing was done in Bonberenea (Tolosa). All this proccess has taken place between May and August 2007, with Karlos Osinaga behind the table. Production of the record has been shared by Karlos and the band as well.

During the second half of 2007 and early 2008 Yakuzi present "Hot Balneario" all over the Basque Country and the Spanish State. In mid-2008 they decide to take a rest, time to be used, among other things, for composing the themes that will form part of the new record.

After the summer 2008, Yakuzi begins to compose the songs for what will be the band's new record.

オフィシャル www.yakuzi.net

マイスペース http://www.myspace.com/yakuzinet


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