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Racionais MC's is a hip hop group based in Sao Paulo Brazil Mano Brown (Pedro Paulo Soares Pereira), Ice Blue (Paulo Eduardo Salvador), Edy Rock (Edvaldo Pereira Alves) and DJ KL Jay (Kleber Geraldo Lelis Simões) formed the group in 1988 pcs Members come from the ring of favelas (slums) around Sao Paulo, known locally as the periphery Their lyrics combine themes of social justice with gangster images far from the idyllic breeziness typically associated with Brazilian music

Racionias MC's first appearance on Zimbabwean label compilation Consciência Black (Black Conscience) in 1988, their songs Panico na Zona Sul ("Panic in the South Side") and tempo Difíceis ("Hard Times") gives a picture of favela life with lyrics vividly depict rampant police brutality Rasism poverty and crime group released their first album, Holocausto Urbano (Urban Holocaust) in 1990 EP contained two songs from Consiência Black along with three new songs that deal with themes of loose women and institutionalized racism group played several gigs around the city and state of São Paulo during the next two years, including two shows in FEBEM (Fundação Estadual do Bem-estar do Menor) juvenile detention center and a special show with Public Enemy on Ginásio do Ibirapuera

Racionias MC's received national attention to their participation in the Ministry of Education ARAP sado e educação ( loosely translated as "Rap Thinking and Education) program in 1992 The program included lectures and discussionsSchool omen variety of issues related to favela residents, including drugs, police violence, poverty and racism, these forums had the dual effect of increasing awareness of Racionas MC's agenda along with their fans who reside favelas in cities in Brazil could be the Paulista rap group experiences that If the group released their second album Escolha o seu Caminho (Choose your path) with a special track "Voz Ativ" ("active voice") and "Negro limitado" ("Limited" Black ") following its release the group's main number in Rap no Vale show at the Vale do São Paulo Anhangabaú

In 1993 the group saw its fame continues to increase, and participated in the National Theatre Música Negra em Ação (black music in enInsatser) project at hand Thaíde e DJ Hum another prominentSao Paulo Hip Hop act Their philanthropic activities continued as they played several benefit shows for health and youth clinics sports programs and schools Samba is also released their first full length LP Raio X Brasil (X Ray, Brazil) The album contains several superb tracks including "FIM the Semana no Parque "(" Weekend in the Park "), a lyrical sketch of lowlifes in Sao Paulo," Mano na Porta do Bar "(" Bar Doorman "), a clever remix of Curtis Mayfield's" Freddie's Dead ", and the unexpected harmonica and piano jam "FiO Navalha da" ("Razor Wire") Mano Brown won the Premio Sharp Award for "O Homem na Estrada" (& # 8220, The Highwayman ") one of the album's other famous songs A 1994 show at Vale do Anhangabaú in support of album ended in a riot when police stormed visa and arrested the group The group of anti-state violence
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