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Andre Absolut

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詳細 2013年5月3日 01:44更新

SOG、BAROUQUE、SPROUT、SUM SONICやVAPOUR等々、プログレッシブ主流のレーベルからリリースされ、今注目を集めるスイスの新鋭プロデューサーANDRE ABSOLUT。SASHAやJOHN DIGWEED、 HERNAN CTTANEO等からもサポートを受け、トランスのみならず活動範囲を広げ、世界中へと活動範囲を広げてゆく。GREEDや MINILOGUEを始めコラボレーションワークやリミックスワークでも話題の彼は間もなくニューアルバムをリリース予定。エモーショナルでいてハード、まさにモーニング・トランスの真骨頂!!

ANDRE ABSOLUT [Vertikal/Baroque/SWZ]

André Abt aka André Absolut
Producing since 1993
(before: Liquid Hemisphere, Jackhead, Atoll…)
DJ’ing since 1997 (UK Progressive House/Trance)

Born in February 1978 in Switzerland. When he was three years old, his parents regonized that André’s reaction to any kind of music was shaking with his baby rattle perfectly in the groove. So they decided to promote his talents and sent him to drum school at the early age of four, on year before he started with the basic music eduction in the kindergarten. During the school he played several different instruments like flute, drums and guitar, which finally got his whole concentration for the next fourteen years.

While he was watching MTV he got into electronical dance music through music videos such as Sven Vath’s “The Harlequin plays bells” and the “Chill Out Zone” videos. First he has been fascinated about the visual aspect of the 3D animations and finally got into the electronic music as well. Soon afterwards, André began, with the simplest of equipment, to produce electronic music and to acquire the necessary recording and computer knowledge. In the following eight years, his studio grew, along with his production skills and a variety of necessary technical equipment.

Together with Eric Blade as “Absolut & Blade” they released their first 12Inch vinyl which has been signed to SUMSONIC Records, UK in 2002. After this successful step, he mets Tobi Wirz aka Greed, the label owner of the well known Swiss label SOG Records. Together with him he has remixed a track from the Swiss crossover band “No Religion”. Both releases made it directly into the record-cases of the famous likes of Sasha & John Digweed, Danny Howells, Antony Pappa, Hernan Cattaneo, Danny Tenaglia and many others. Played by this top DJs this tracks have been featured in the Balance Promote- and other well-known and established charts and magazines.

Since then André has released several other original producions as André Absolut (solo) and co-productions together with Eric Blade (Absolut & Blade), Greed (Absolut & Greed), Minilogue aka Sonkite (André Absolut vs. Minilogue), Downpressor (André Absolut & Downpressor) and many others. Remixes has been requested by artists like Thomas Penton, Greed, Sub6, Piece Process, Shiloh, and Haldolium – to name a few.

André Absolut’s DJ sets rocked dancefloors in Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Portugal, Japan, Turkey, Brazil and Germany so far. Since 2003 ‘Absolut & Blade’ and ‘André Absolut’ solo performed severall liveacts which gained lots of attention and positive reactions in the scene.

With lots of different projects in the pipeline, André Absolut is definitely a name to look out for in the future.


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