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English as a survival tool

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English as a tool to survive in the borderless world

English is not a discipline to study or an object to love, but a language to communicate. It is not fluent English itself that count. What we want to do with the command of English is the important question. Here we want to discuss how to develop English as a tool for effective communications. And also we want to have opportunities to apply it; topics that require logical thinking may meet this aim.
I assume that the people joining this community are those who need English so that we can share useful techniques that we cannot learn in schools. We also can discuss various topics to apply what we learn here.

Expected topics would be as follows.
・ What is the logic in English?
・ What is humor in the cultures of English-speaking countries?
・ How do you develop your presentation with the software PowerPoint?
・ How do you write emails in English?
・ Is there any cultural difference between Japan and the US (or others)? If so, what should we avoid in order to make human relationship smooth?
・ Any discussion topics, except for what cannot be discussed logically, are also welcomed.

Here are several rules that I would like you to follow:
1) Do not attack personally.
2) Do not be emotional, but be logical.
3) Please feel free to post topics and enjoy discussing.

I hope we can enjoy developing our English and obtain important skills to survive this borderless world. Thank you very much for joining us.

Thank you very much.

Please feel free to make new topics as far as it is suitable for this community.

For those who want to learn English expressions, here is a community: “言えそうで言えない英語。”. We sometimes pause to find phrases or words which can express what we want to say. I think this is because Japanese and English languages are different so it is difficult to find exactly the same phrase as that of the other language. Here we are trying to find alternatives for these words or phrases.

For those who want to exchange comments about foreign books, here is another English community that I launched, Talking about foreign books.

Here is my webpage, in which I introduce the way I have tried to gain the ability to speak English. I would be very happy if you gave me any comments on it.

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