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Business Admin in ENGLISH

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Outline of the lesson

Introduction to learning business administration in English

is a private lesson where you can learn Business Administration AND English at the same time.

The course is designed exclusively for those that are beginner in the business field, and whose TOEIC score is around the range of 450 to 700.

If you want to build up your career in the foreign-based company in the future and you want to start preparing for it,
this is an ideal course to initiate both business studies and business English.

This course also gives you a very good kickstart on your MBA studies.
So if you are interested in MBA, but is anxious about giving it a go right at this moment, try this course first, and you will gain enough self-confidence to fly over to any Business Schools at overseas.

Besides, you do not have to be so enthusiastic about studying at all.
If you are curious about what is going on in the business world, you are already qualified to take this course!

All Business Administration theories are very beautiful because they are all very simple and logical.
It always leads you to the right decision.
At least, you will be prevented from making mistakes, which is very important.
You will find it very useful in your daily life, too.
It shows you the way of life.
Because the theories you are going to learn are universal.

In a short while, you will find out that what you get in return, worth a lot more than what you have invested.

This community

The purpose of this community is to have my students update their diary in English for their training.


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